Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October's Music Box

October has been a month of many many releases, of which some aren't that good actually. Well at least at the moment those particular tunes haven't grown on me yet or the videos are just bad, but as they're coming from bands that I adore(d), they need to be included here.

Bloc Party - Kettling

Probably the best song of their latest album, though the video doesn't impress that much, but I get why they did it if I understood the lyrics correctly.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love Is All I Got

Crystal Fighters are a pretty decent British band, a great live band as well. I've also been in one of their music videos, unfortunately though not in this super hero London party clip.

The xx - Chained

Indie wonder kids are back. Some think the song and video are boring, but naah at least it's beautifully shot. Slow motion always does the trick.

Bon Iver - Beth/Rest

This could be probably the awful song and awful video. But the tune is actually quite good when you get into it despite the 80s love movie vibe. The video on the other hand..UGH. Just stick with the music Justin...

Franco and the Dreadnought - Platt Fields

There's nothing wrong with promoting the artist I work with, especially when Platt Fields is my favorite tune from him, and everything for a good cause.

M83 - Steve McQueen

I was surprisedd M83 released a new video from his album released a year ago. But yeah it's only been a year and Rihanna for example released like almost every track from her albums. Steve McQueen is a great great song.

Paul Banks - Young Again

It's always a joy to hear Paul's voice and the video is so sympathetic!

fun. - Carry On

Completely fell in love with the band at their Helsinki gig and this is the song they started the show with. Inspiring lyrics!

Crystal Castles - Affection

I end this month's music list with a last minute addition. I end it with the best of the month. All you CC fans were probably like *?* when you heard this, no doubt it sounds like electro r n b, so not them, but still so amazing, which is them.

Which were your favorite songs and videos of the month?

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