Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Feature: Haim

Three sisters from LA, whose parents tried brainwashing them into little classical rock monsters, while the girls' 90s R&B enthusiasm rebelled back... What could sugar, spice and everything nice result into, when mixed with chemical X?

The answer is not The Powerpuff Girls this time, but Haim.

And damn it's hard to explain their music! Though, looks-wise imagine a part of The Kelly Family forming a band of their own, and not having their hair look like it's inspired by Conan the Barbarian. Or simply a female version of Hanson (ie. the pretty version).

Ok this will be the best I can do for now; Haim's music saves the music world as much The Powerpuff Girls save Townsville. I'm assuming that my older readers (mama) won't understand my references, so just give their songs a listen below and download their debut EP Forever for free here.

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