Monday, January 31, 2011

Going back to the start

Have you seen 500 days of Summer? If not, then you should, because it simply is a good movie. It does not have a normal chronological order; it bounces from a day to another back and forth. Basically, that's what I'm going to do now. I'll take you back to the first days, over 5 months ago. Hope this won't mess up your brains, but some things need to be explained at some point. Even though I probably have forgotten a lot, and will try to remember something by looking at pictures and diving deep into my memories. But not too deep.

August, 25th. Second day in Breda and waking up in an unsual way. The expression killing two birds with one stone was something what I wanted to do. The landlady's pet roosters were singing and so no more sleep for the one who loves to sleep. However I can't entirely blame the "hope to be dinner" for not sleeping long. I was anxious to go explore the city with my flat mates on an agreed time. But the Italian Alice didn't wake up, so I wondered are we even going. It turned out that she only overslept. The first tought was that that's normal for her, when in fact she is pretty much on time, but often attends lectures when there aren't any and the opposite. Luckily I wasn't the only one waiting for her to wake up, Judit the Spanish (or Catalan like they insist in saying, but end up saying Spanish anyways) started to wash the dishes. The impression of her being "the cleaner" is more or less right on. And her pyjamas being really loose.

After Alice woke up we were ready to hit the centre. Rebecca, our German flat mate decided to stay at home, since she had already been in Breda for a few days and seen the centre. Walking there was really pleasant and the neighborhood and weather beautiful. We met Alice's Italian friends Valentina and Francesca and then went to get ourselves bikes. At first I didn't want to buy lights for my bike, because I'm not used to having them, but here you get a fine of 30-80€ if the police catches you. Lights, please! Also, later on I noticed that Breda isn't really a city of light like my hometown is, so important they are.

shall not be named

When all of us got our bikes, we went home to have pasta made by the Italians. Really tasty and simple. Before coming here, I didn't know anything else simple to do, except for fried potatoes and instant noodles.

With full tummies we hit the centre again. The streets looked really pretty, but the most striking landmark is the church. Nothing beats that. It was 5-7PM and the shops were already closing, but we managed to get our prepaids, after which we explored a couple of pubs. Relaxing times. We expected for the last flat mate Nuria (also from Catalan) to be at home when we arrived, but she was having dinner somewhere else with her parents. I only heard her voice, when I was between dream world and reality. That's how it felt for the first days/weeks. Being confused, not knowing what is real and what not.

rebecca got a punch in her face

But a true fact is that I waited for so long to have stroopwaffels again and when I had them, I couldn't eat them anymore, without feeling sick. Pity.

If you felt confused reading this, you can go back to the second entry of my blog written sometime pff ago. And I always think a song gives more meaning about my emotions, so just click on the video below and you'll know.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to business

It was dark and perfectly silent with only good music playing. There I was after 6 hours of trying to write my assignment finally being concentrated and being motivated to finish that basterd. I saw a shadow creeping outside. Did I imagine it? No, because a heart-jumping knock followed after it. A scream was let out. But soon I realized that there was nothing to be scared about. I was relieved and had to laugh to ease the tension. No more did I have to laugh by myself at myself; Alice had come home. She came a day earlier than I thought, so I just had to blame her for scaring my puny fragile soul out of me. However, it was one of those blames, which also meant "glad to have you back".

The chilly all-Finnish cottage became more lively after a week of aloneness. Italian channel was on and so was the heater. It wasn't that pleasant though to wake up all sweaty, which meant that shorts-season started again. Next day Judit came home too. She brought me some yummy Spanish meat, which I can't even eat (what a rhyme, obviously I could make a career as a rapper). As soon as the vegetarian month is over, that will be the first thing going into my tummy.

First week of school and it felt like a Harry Potter movie. You know, when it's Christmas time and the people leave home and Harry stays in Hogwarts (the school where they go to) and is so glad to see everyone again when they come back to school? How sad.

Monday started with a light 15-21 editing (Facebook) session. We got a nice message from our teachers not being able to see our assignment's footage on the tape. Welcome back. The day almost ended with a disaster, since Judit wasn't able to find all the work done during the six hours from her hard drive. All I could say that don't worry we have beer and wine at home. Note: Jaleh is not the best comforter in the world. Luckily Maria found the material, so we were able to leave home without any tears. Tuesday and another six hours of editing and it was ready! Just needed to leave the hardest part (exporting back to tape) for the next day, but surely was time to relax in my new favorite cafe Latte & Literature.


editor and camera woman

Finally, it was time to practise our Toy Story 3 presentation with Judit (before that we had to use Skype for communication). A lot of nervousness  from her and a lot of laughing from me. But the next morning it went so much better than we thought and the teacher said it went fine. A fellow student told us that it was awesome and simple, yet funny. That's what we usually aim for.

judit dealing with her nerves



like a champ after the presentation

Friday came quickly and we had to return our MOS (mit ohne sound) assignment. After finishing all paper work, we delivered it two hours before the deadline, which I still consider to be a miracle. All the times we missed the deadlines, because of not being able to export the material back on tape, felt like a problem that we finally had beaten. I just hope that I returned it in the right pigeonhole.

An enjoyable Friday started with "I love you Phillip Morris", in which Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor performed amazingly. Even though I fell asleep for a while, I still recommend the movie. In the evening we went to see Danish trio My Bubba and Mi at the Mezz. It was the best free gig I had ever been; the band was really cute and funny and played wonderful indie folk.

"Are we ready?"
"Oh, I think I need some whiskey first."
"I need some as well."

During the show they told what happened to them the previous night at another gig. In their rider (a list of demands made by the artist, which the concert promoter must meet before a concert can take place; thank you logistics and technology of live events course), they had drawn a pony. Well, they didn't get a pony, but they did have pony poop waiting in their dressing room.

The band was discovered by their Italian neighbor, who heard them play in their Copenhagen apartment. He was so impressed that he took them to Italy to record their album called "How it's done in Italy". I was impressed too that I bought the handmade album, which was signed by the members. It was nice to see some Scandinavian people and hear them speak. The best thing was when they didn't have shoes on on the stage and you could see their woolen socks. Gezellig.

the picture is sticked with tape

Saturday and partying after a long time. All I could say that Rina had an interesting choice of face that night.

Next afternoon and wondering why is it so bright? OMG. WTF. ABC. The sky is almost clear blue, sun is shining, NO RAIN. The whole week it was raining and now it felt like summer. It's weird to even think about the weather in Finland. Can't wait for spring to arrive, but that would mean less weeks left here. All good comes with a price. But hey the Graphic Design Museum had a new exhibition, which we checked out with Jordan. There is a lot to do there this time, but it was quite a mess compared to the previous exhibition. However, I'm sure that I will be going there many times during this spring. After all I do have the museum card, and I also have Troy's museum card, so whoever wants to join, tell me! And I finished watching Heroes. No more saving the cheeleader and saving the world. Sigh.

which one is..
..the talented one?

Study week is basically starting now. 4 exams and loads of assignments. There is one thing that I learned during media psychology class (among many others) is "The Zeigarnik effect suggests that students who suspend their study, during which they do unrelated activities (such as studying unrelated subjects or playing games), will remember material better than students who complete study sessions without a break." Good luck everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Walking far from home

Consciousness: "Child wake up and check your phone."
Me: "AAA %&#¤#:@!"

Flesh and blood is arriving in an hour and still stuck in bed and have the hoover waiting in the kitchen. Rush rush rush, but remember to also check Facebook!

So I was greeted with a suffocating hug by a character resembling Santa Claus;

1. She defied gravity.
2. She brought me lots of presents.

Enough reasons already to compare Mama to Father Christmas.

Oliebollen and a short sunny walk home. Chocolate enough for the rest of the decade. And The Holy Balls. Touching them after a long time felt like reaching out to heaven and being able to grab a piece of it. I thought my mother would be tired after a long travel, but she insisted we go out for a walk. So the beauty of our neighborhood was shown and the famous "cheap store", which all cottage residents show to their guests. Exploring by foot was really difficult, since it's hard to stay out of the bike road, but a pharmacy and pizzeria were found! Loempia in the city and dazzling Christmas lights and the landmark of whole Breda, which is every exchange student's light back home.

good friends since the age of 5

eskimos do come from finland

cheap store

we'd all be lost without you

Day 2 and what else than Sweden's pride IKEA! Yes, it is the place where I would like to play hide and seek and go to when I miss Finland. Later in the evening we had dinner in the gezellig Borenstompatt. Like I promised in one of my entries that I would bring people from Finland there, so I had to keep my promise. Such a nice place, but this time it was impossible to finish the food. The day ended with a post-Christmas tradition of mine; watching The Breakfast Club. It was for the third time now and I realized that each time it's been in a different place with different people. This time it was great to see it with someone, who loves that movie too and someone, who needs to watch more good movies. And yes I also took the public bus for the first time in Breda.

heja sverige!

grote markt

one of the best!

Day 3 and home made food after a long time! First time Mama trusted me to cook the rice, which ended looking like porridge. I only cook for three people; Me, Myself and I, so no wonder it was a bit hard to put the right amount of ingredients. No one died, that's the most important fact.

Day 4 we're proud to be NHTV. We took the longer way there, because I wanted to visit an old friend. Kjehehehe. Hanging out in the Asian stores took more time than I expected, after which we went bowling.

mama and orko do not get along

kidz kidz stay away!

New Year's Eve. Last day of the year. Chillaxing at home, preparing for 2011. First time I'm scared of the upcoming year. 2010 you treated me well. In the beginning you were a nightmare, which will be haunting me forever, but towards the end you became to be the pal to look up to.

2011, what better way to start you with probably my first proper Dutch tradition. Hanging out at the beach with 10 000 people and taking a dip into the "warmer than I thought" sea was something definitely needed. The Unox hat and gloves were really warm, I didn't really think them to be made of good quality, since you just paid 2€ of which half went to the seals. And the world is saved. Then it was time to walk around Den Haag centre and Rotterdam after that. I hate walking around Rotterdam, due to the tall buildings blocking your sight and therefore not finding places that easily. It always feels good to to be arriving to Breda's trainstation. It somehow feels like arriving home, wonder how the feeling will be in half a year then in Finland.

the most expensive hotel in the netherlands

always the outsider

the first king


good times with you <3

Last day of the week and to mass after a while. The sun was shining it was warm, but the church was not. Grrr. Only way to warm up was a trip to McDonald's like in good old days. Perfect breakfast. On TV they showed an Abba documentary, which I had seen before already, but now it had Dutch subtitles and it really messed up your brains when they talked in Swedish every now and then. Weird that I understood Dutch more, however I've never been good in listening excercises with foreign languages. Later in the evening it was time to say goodbye to Troy. It's sad to first say goodbye to my beer tasting buddy and now to my museum buddy. Friends come and go, but museum cards what they leave behind is something to cherish! Kjehehe, thanks Troy! Thanks for all the good trips we've done and for introducing Crystal Castles to me! X

pictures in mama's purse

art from niki, britt & pepijn X

goodbye, hello troy <3

Already a week had passed and it was time to say goodbye to Mama. It was very early at the train station in the morning. Haven't had fun experiences spending time at train stations, but that is a story to tell later on. Thank you Mama for putting food in my fridge for the next 4 days and make sure not to have the stroopwafels in the micro longer than 20 seconds!

And the big cottage was empty again.

the new and improved

One more thing. Thanks to all who have been part of my life the past year, I hope you will be there this coming year too. <3