Thursday, January 6, 2011

So this is Christmas and what have you done

First Christmas away from home. Must admit that I was regretting a bit that I didn't go back to Finland, but as soon as the morning of 26th came or rather say afternoon, I was extremely satisfied how things turned out to be. It's because it was different. Different how? Well, let me tell you.

Christmas Eve started by a call from the NHTV in the morning that the laptop, which my dear flat mate Judit had returned with her assignments was there again. So off I went on CHRISTMAS EVE to school to get the assigments. I would have never imagined myself being on that day at school, which smelt like beer from the previous night's party. Also in Finland my holiday would have started a week earlier, but hey no complaining, not everyone can go to another country for an exchange! After that me and hungovered Jordan headed to the city for breakfast and present shopping. Actual shopping took about 5 min.

at bruxelles

I had to clean the house for the upcoming dinner, which I wasn't able to complete, don't remember why though. But groceries with Anneke took longer than I expected. She just kept throwing more and more food in the basket. MORE AND MORE. Which actually was a decent amount in the end. I guess it was just my lack of knowledge with wines, which took a bit of time.

A juicy ham (finally once again!), nicely ready-seasoned turkey, pyttipannu and so on with glühwein, chocolate, cake and ginger cookies for dessert made the whole feast very lekker! Plus the gezellig cottage. AAH. The evening ended with online trivial pursuit (which made people yell at each other) and finally a visit to Speeltuin. Already a Christmas to remember? Yes, but wait until you read what happened on the 25th.

damn, we didn't compose our own Christmas song!


all this and dessert did not even cost much! :)

see that person with the blue/white shirt? she's the one, who makes the leftovers disappear

Before writing about it, many have asked why I didn't go back to Finland. The answer is that I wanted to experience the whole year here and whatever comes with it. If I would travel somewhere, I'd put my money on another place than the one, where I grew up. And back to the story.

So, Christmas Day was spent at David's place. He cooked us Hungarian food, which was yummy, I had to peel potatoes. There were two Bulgarians and Henna there too. Five of us were having a peaceful evening, until David took out the feared game. Me and Henna have great memories of it from the first week here. This time the Finnish team was ready to beat the Bulgarians. After thrilling moments we did. Just glad that I wasn't in the loosing team.

traditional hungarian dish

henna goes wacko for puma


Laughing my ass off was good for me. Haven't really had a moment like that in a while now. Especially when we decided to play it again with different teams and once again not in the loosing team. MUAHAHA.

It was something like 1AM already and few of us were thinking to leave home, but David put some good dance tunes on, which kept us yet for a while in the house. Me and Ivan had fun dance battles, which I guess was more about him teaching me to have a mean face, while dancing. Then happened the glühwein incident. Have no clue how Ivan managed to knock a kettle of 2l of glühwein on the floor. Everyone cried after the drink, when Ivan cried for his burned foot. Poor Ivan, all he heard was Henna yelling at him: "YOU IDIOT!" Don't worry Ivan, we're not bitter anymore, you're a lot of fun!

It's 7am. WHAT?! 7am. WHAT?! 7AM DAMN IT! Gosh, you could almost see the sun rising, when I rode my bike home. I still didn't feel tired when I got back, so I had to listen to some more music myself. Finally at 8.30 Sandman came. I guess he had a busy night too.

So this was Christmas and what had I done. Nothing what I would have done back home. This time different was good. Different experiences are always good, they don't make you richer through your wallet, but through your mind. Still laughing and looking back with a smile, for sure also when I get old (25).

Thank you all, who made my Christmas so special! Certainly wasn't anything I expected. You topped my expectations! Thanks for being here for me <3

The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time

 Queen - Thank God It's Christmas

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