Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to business

It was dark and perfectly silent with only good music playing. There I was after 6 hours of trying to write my assignment finally being concentrated and being motivated to finish that basterd. I saw a shadow creeping outside. Did I imagine it? No, because a heart-jumping knock followed after it. A scream was let out. But soon I realized that there was nothing to be scared about. I was relieved and had to laugh to ease the tension. No more did I have to laugh by myself at myself; Alice had come home. She came a day earlier than I thought, so I just had to blame her for scaring my puny fragile soul out of me. However, it was one of those blames, which also meant "glad to have you back".

The chilly all-Finnish cottage became more lively after a week of aloneness. Italian channel was on and so was the heater. It wasn't that pleasant though to wake up all sweaty, which meant that shorts-season started again. Next day Judit came home too. She brought me some yummy Spanish meat, which I can't even eat (what a rhyme, obviously I could make a career as a rapper). As soon as the vegetarian month is over, that will be the first thing going into my tummy.

First week of school and it felt like a Harry Potter movie. You know, when it's Christmas time and the people leave home and Harry stays in Hogwarts (the school where they go to) and is so glad to see everyone again when they come back to school? How sad.

Monday started with a light 15-21 editing (Facebook) session. We got a nice message from our teachers not being able to see our assignment's footage on the tape. Welcome back. The day almost ended with a disaster, since Judit wasn't able to find all the work done during the six hours from her hard drive. All I could say that don't worry we have beer and wine at home. Note: Jaleh is not the best comforter in the world. Luckily Maria found the material, so we were able to leave home without any tears. Tuesday and another six hours of editing and it was ready! Just needed to leave the hardest part (exporting back to tape) for the next day, but surely was time to relax in my new favorite cafe Latte & Literature.


editor and camera woman

Finally, it was time to practise our Toy Story 3 presentation with Judit (before that we had to use Skype for communication). A lot of nervousness  from her and a lot of laughing from me. But the next morning it went so much better than we thought and the teacher said it went fine. A fellow student told us that it was awesome and simple, yet funny. That's what we usually aim for.

judit dealing with her nerves



like a champ after the presentation

Friday came quickly and we had to return our MOS (mit ohne sound) assignment. After finishing all paper work, we delivered it two hours before the deadline, which I still consider to be a miracle. All the times we missed the deadlines, because of not being able to export the material back on tape, felt like a problem that we finally had beaten. I just hope that I returned it in the right pigeonhole.

An enjoyable Friday started with "I love you Phillip Morris", in which Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor performed amazingly. Even though I fell asleep for a while, I still recommend the movie. In the evening we went to see Danish trio My Bubba and Mi at the Mezz. It was the best free gig I had ever been; the band was really cute and funny and played wonderful indie folk.

"Are we ready?"
"Oh, I think I need some whiskey first."
"I need some as well."

During the show they told what happened to them the previous night at another gig. In their rider (a list of demands made by the artist, which the concert promoter must meet before a concert can take place; thank you logistics and technology of live events course), they had drawn a pony. Well, they didn't get a pony, but they did have pony poop waiting in their dressing room.

The band was discovered by their Italian neighbor, who heard them play in their Copenhagen apartment. He was so impressed that he took them to Italy to record their album called "How it's done in Italy". I was impressed too that I bought the handmade album, which was signed by the members. It was nice to see some Scandinavian people and hear them speak. The best thing was when they didn't have shoes on on the stage and you could see their woolen socks. Gezellig.

the picture is sticked with tape

Saturday and partying after a long time. All I could say that Rina had an interesting choice of face that night.

Next afternoon and wondering why is it so bright? OMG. WTF. ABC. The sky is almost clear blue, sun is shining, NO RAIN. The whole week it was raining and now it felt like summer. It's weird to even think about the weather in Finland. Can't wait for spring to arrive, but that would mean less weeks left here. All good comes with a price. But hey the Graphic Design Museum had a new exhibition, which we checked out with Jordan. There is a lot to do there this time, but it was quite a mess compared to the previous exhibition. However, I'm sure that I will be going there many times during this spring. After all I do have the museum card, and I also have Troy's museum card, so whoever wants to join, tell me! And I finished watching Heroes. No more saving the cheeleader and saving the world. Sigh.

which one is..
..the talented one?

Study week is basically starting now. 4 exams and loads of assignments. There is one thing that I learned during media psychology class (among many others) is "The Zeigarnik effect suggests that students who suspend their study, during which they do unrelated activities (such as studying unrelated subjects or playing games), will remember material better than students who complete study sessions without a break." Good luck everyone!

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