Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving on

After the tragic seperation with me and my Converse, I decided to try to move on. However, I felt that I couldn't get white ones this time, as it would have been too painful to handle. There isn't really much to say, except for the fact that it isn't joyful to wear those type of shoes anymore.

Also the new ones became like this only after a few months.

This just proves the theory of people, who after long relationships are capable of maintaining only short-term ones.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zola Jesus + EMA @ Heaven, London

November 23rd, 2011

Last autumn my musical crush was Zola Jesus. After the Nevermind exhibition, I went inside a record store, and they had her new album playing. That's when it really hit me. I guess it was because of the good speakers, which were able to showcase the bass, which I think is important for her songs. There wasn't any other choice, but to get myself a ticket for her London gig, which was set two months after. Super stoked I was.

Just some hours before the gig, I checked who was the support. It was some teenager from Austria, then the excitement was gone. Apparently, EMA is quite a popular artist name, so the support act was actually a bit older and American.

In fact she was this extremely tall indie amazon princess- liked rocker, who could have starred in Xena. She had this captivating stage presence with music, which made you really concentrate on and a few dedicated fans, who seemed to drive the front audience mad.

Then something happened that I had never believed an indie act would do. Let along an indie support act.

I remember hoping that the guitar pieces she threw into the crowd wouldn't hit the camera. I managed to talk about it with her after the gig, and apparently it was her first time to wreck a guitar, which was a cheap one. She felt ashamed about it, as she realized how dangerous it was. I'm pretty sure though that people were rather excited of heavy pieces flying above their heads.

What could I say now about Zola Jesus' performance, except for that I didn't want it to stop? Well, she was tiny, and whenever she jumped into the crowd, it was hard to see where she was. Maybe now and then you could have spotted a glimpse of her hair.

It was cool to watch how concentrated she was in singing, and then all of the sudden she could turn into this Tazmanian devil with her crazy moves.

It was a great evening of music, but what made it perfect was to literally look back and see a familiar face; there was this guy standing behind me, who during Austra's gig was in front of me. That was the moment, when London became small. Me and my friend got to know him and his sister, who both of them moved from South Africa to London to work. They taught us this little trick what to do during gigs; when everyone else is standing, go down and it will feel like you've dived into another world. X

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday Feature: Poliça

When I listen to Minnesota band Poliça (pronounced Police-a), I imagine myself being in a smoky bar with dimmed lights, black clothes and a pint of Guinness. By myself.

That can be a very dark scenario for some, literally too, but it isn't when you have the world's two best things complementing each other. Those happen to be great music and great beer.

Funky bass lines, intense drumming, Mac, R&B- flavored lead singer with the grace of a ballet dancer.. what else do you need to know? Aa yes, the band released their debut album Give You The Ghost a few months ago. Here are the two best songs, which just happen to start and end the record. The rest in the middle, they do a pretty good job in keeping me in the bar.

Where does Poliça take you?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best of SYTYCD season 8

You've been probably wondering why I've posted a few dance videos lately on my Facebook page, or perhaps even losing your mind because of it. But I'm not to blame, as I wasn't able to embed those YouTube videos for my blog, but luckily these following routines I could! These are here to just build up the momentum for season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance, which premieres today!

After somewhile I've finally managed to catch up with this entertaining show. Though it will be weird to always wait for a week to see the next episode. Anyways here are last summer's best routines, in my opinion.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Feature: Reptar

Mix one table spoon of dance with one table spoon of pop. Then add a spoonful of electro. What do you get?

Danceable electro-pop.

No shit, Sherlock.

If you want to take it a bit further, the synonym for the end result would be Reptar.

Not the Rugrats character. Add a lot of rainbow food dyes to get the wanted result.

There you go. Here we have the amazingly delicious musical pie ready to be thrown in your face.

Formed in 2008, this Georgia four-piece has been steadily working their way into the hearts of music lovers. Last year they released EP Oblangle Fizz Y'all, which The Sunday Times claimed as thrillingly good, off-kilter art pop.

Now their debut full-length album Body Faucet, produced by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Bombay Bicycle Club) is available on iTunes for you to purchase and enjoy. If your bank account is empty at the moment, have a listen to a few tracks below and make sure to get the album when the next paycheck arrives. Before you pay the bills.

ps. have a look at their crazy website here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Explosions In The Sky - Postcard From 1952

Postcard From 1952 is one of my favorite 2011 songs. Actually, I could already claim that it is the best video of 2012.

Perhaps the best video ever.

Usually I don't like to watch long videos, but this has been on repeat for a few days now, and will be for the rest of my life. See it for yourself and you'll realize that I'm not exaggerating. If not, then you are a heartless person.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Feature: Lower Dens

Dream-rock. Psychedelic-rock. Put-your-kids-to-bed-rock. What else could the Baltimore quintet Lower Dens be described as?

Just to clarify the third description; one music writer told that the band's sophomore album Nootropics, released April 30th, is his three-year-old daughter's favorite record. She cries every time the music is changed.

Talk about a prodigy of hipsterism.

Lower Dens, according to themselves are dark nerds of sweat and books with the interest on endurance tests. Musically, in my opinion, they have this repetitive beat in their songs accompanied by Jana Hunter's "I don't know what she is singing about" yet hypnotizing vocals. I can imagine some finding the music to be numbing, but it definitely has got me hooked. I start playing the air drums and get an adrenaline rush, when ever the tempo speeds up or a Muse-ish choir type of moment comes.

Yes Yes Yes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

French Films @Freetime, Jyväskylä

By far one of the best Finnish bands French Films hit my hometown Jyväskylä, when they performed in indie bar Freetime last Friday. Many have said they are great live and it's hard to disagree. Providing raw energy and tunes for the audience to easily jump and dance to, there's no doubt old fans got what they came for and that new ones were born. Someone even did a roll and split jumps on the stage after the gig and got carried away by the bouncer.

The only thing that made me feel really uncomfortable was seeing the guys wear their leather jackets, while sweating worse than in a sauna. Talk about an efficient work out.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Feature: Grimes

Sometimes what seems like a 'meeh' at first, can become a 'I can't believe I almost let this slip out of my hands' craze.

This is what happened with my green overalls. And Grimes.

24-year-old Claire Boucher's music wasn't memorable, when I first heard of it. Yet a couple of months later I ended up checking it from my 'to be listened again' list. I'm very happy I chose to do so, as I've gotten more proof that there's something to rejoice about in today's music scene.

Despite of her age, Grimes has already managed to produce and release three albums (also design the album covers), of which the latest 'Visions' is the most easily accessible. This time focusing on the lyrics, even though making them as vague as possible for people not to realize what they are about, she's succeeded in providing an emotional roller coaster with hard-hitting poppy beats. It makes you press repeat over and over again and try to figure out the mystery behind the angelic baby voice, while jamming to the melodies at the same time.

According to one research, Montreal is the indie city of North America. I believe it now.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day

The last day of April and the first of May are considered to be the most joyful days in the Finnish society, in my opinion. That's simply based on the amount of people being seen on the streets all of the sudden after a cold, dark winter. Though it still is cold on those days, we have our ways in keeping ourselves warm.

Here are some tips;

Wear a warm hat.

If you're a student, put on your degree program's overalls and gather a team to participate in your own town's Amazing Race competition. If you're really lucky, you might as well climb a high mountain and realize you're in the wrong place.

Move to a warmer country and do what they do.

orange army in amsterdam by l. lundberg

Put on your high school graduation hat to remind yourself that you have indeed accomplished something in your life. Remember to eat munkki (Finnish doughnut) and drink sima (mead drink,everything always sounds delicious in English) in a park.

This year zero %, and now when I think about it, it seems that it's every second year! Yet had a fun one, though it felt a bit strange to be running into old school mates who are asking why I am here, when I should be living somewhere abroad. Then I ran into my beer tasting buddy Janne, who seemed sincerely shocked in bumping into me during the night. Now, seriously what are the odds in that happening in one of our favorite indie bars in a small city during the busiest time of the year?

It was really pleasant to see a top Finnish artist Olavi Uusivirta playing for a huge crowd for free. He's such a charismatic and good performer!

This year's May Day was also spent with my mom at a Chinese buffet. I don't remember when was the last time we spent May Day together!

And last but not least, here's why my May Day became mayday.

Like Shaggy would say; "It wasn't me!"