Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hearing French Films

What is the first thing you think of when talking about French films? For me, it is the eternal question of why the French have to include so many erotic scenes in their movies, that it could be classified as soft porn. While I’m figuring out an answer to that, I could also think about ‘French Films’, as in the indie band from Finland.

Formed in 2010, French Films consist of five members coming from cities called Järvenpää and Espoo aka The Ass of Helsinki. When I listen to their music, for sure they’ve been influenced by post-punk acts such as Joy Division and The Cure. However, it is officially stated that dreaming, cold and dark winter and being alive are what is driving them musically forward. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the climate is one reason for the depressing and melancholic music the Finns/Nordic people are known for. This comes clear in the song ‘Living Fortress’ with lyrics;

Oh winter. You're looking kind of mean now. You take away a lifetime. 
And never pay it back.

Although, the upbeat melodies and photos of the band posing by the water and sun shining on their faces; I can’t help dreaming of a summer spent on the road in a hot car with the cooling wind blowing from the windows, giving me and my friends exactly what we need. So, here’s another thought when discussing about French Films; SHOT GUN!

When the band’s first single ‘Golden Sea’ was released in 2010, it was well-received on blogs, which made singer-guitarist Johannes go ‘shit, we gotta top that…’. I guess great makes fantastic, as French Films’ debut album ‘Imaginary Future’, released the following year, is full of gems. My personal favorite is ‘The Great Wave Of Light’, which I could say to be the ‘happiest’ track of the album. I play the air guitar to it, and the lyrics are simply brilliant; 

So I wanted to live in the clouds or the cartoons or the clouds in the cartoons.  
But it goes like this every time we wake up in the afternoon.
It just puts a smile on my face, as does the whole album.

© Tuomas Välinen

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