Saturday, February 18, 2012

RIP Converse

Dear Converse,

I've been trying to find the perfect you. That took many years, and ironically I had to fly back to my birth place, The Philippines. It was January 2008. I was strolling down the streets wondering each day, if soon would be my lucky moment. 

And there you suddenly were, right in front of my eyes. The only one left, feeling all alone, perhaps due to being a bit dirty. But I saw the pain the loneliness had caused you, and realized we'd understand each other. So I took you into my life knowing, what my life was lacking of, it didn't anymore.

It was the beginning of a magical partnership. We were so good to one another, we were inseparable; inside/outside, summer/winter. You made me smile and feel good about myself. 

During Bloc Party's gig in February 2009, you got your first proper stain, which made me love you more. However, that's when the alarms went off from my family side. My mother's loathe towards you began, and it just grew from day to day. She insisted you brought shame to our family and banned you from any of our family trips. Also that you could be easily replaced.

What she didn't see (until only in the very end) was the unique companionship celebrated literally all over the world, in what special events. For four years.

Play the following song and scroll through our memories.

Aug-08 Esslingen, Germany
Dec-08 Stockholm, Sweden
May-09 Jyväskylä, Finland

Aug-10 Lappeenranta, Finland
Sep-10 Breda, The Netherlands
Oct-10 Three Land Point, The Netherlands
Oct-10 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Nov-10 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Traditional New Year's dive in The Hague was the trip for us. Unfortunately it was a turning point towards worse. As much as we did have fun, it caused trouble to our relationship too. So we decided to take some time out, but never did we think that the break would have lasted that long. 

You can blame me for you being stuck in a water bucket for a few months.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's the best way to describe our post-break time.

mother's comment: yahaaa, still alive???

We were better than ever, ready to conquer the world again.

May-11 Dublin, Ireland
May-11 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Jun-11 Versailles Palace, France
Jun-11 Disneyland Paris, France
The end of summer meant we were off to London, aka the concrete jungle of Europe. The streets were made for you. Although at some point, we came across with the fact of London life being living and dying at the same time. There was so much to do, but also no time to rest. 

Dec-11 London, UK

Jan-12 Liverpool, UK

Jan-12 Brighton, UK
After a snowy three hour walk home a couple of weeks ago, I sensed your suffering and your quiet request of 'putting you out of misery'. 

We thought it would work, but it got worse. The dream of celebrating our 5th anniversary back in The Philippines became distant. Seperation hurts, it's like the end of a circle. There wasn't an easy way to end it in sight. 

 We knew it was the best for both of us, and you'd want me to move on. It will be hard, but I will always carry a piece of you with me.

You just keep walking towards the light, with the lovely looks of yours.

Forever yours,