Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wiidakko JKL Shows

February 24th, 2012

Some years ago, Wiidakko used to be my favorite Finnish band, but I never got the chance to see them play live. Then the love kind of faded away. Or actually my love towards Finnish music, in general. Now when I'm back in this country, it's about time I go back to 'my roots'.

What a perfect way to start that journey was to enjoy Wiidakko's free gig at Pub Katse, which used to be our degree program's 'living room'. The last time the band was performing in Jyväskylä was at least over two years ago, if I remember correctly. Way too long ago. So no wonder that there were so many die hard fans, screaming and dancing like crazy. It was like all their needs were finally satisfied.

I was myself very shocked of the gig starting at midnight, when I got so used to them starting around 9pm abroad. Normally, I would have been sleeping already at that time. I think I'm getting old.

February 25th, 2012

As if one gig wasn't enough... They went on giving an in-store performance in one of the coolest clothing shops in town the next afternoon.

I preferred the acoustic gig, not only because of the better lighting and free shirts the band gave away in the end, but the relaxed atmosphere too. Making the songs more subtle gave them a whole new level, which was great.

One of the band's songs, which they've nick named 'Katkarapu' (=shrimp), is my all time favorite ever. Of all of the songs existing in this world, that's the one I can relate to the most. It's a song about travelling, going towards the unknown and every goodbye being too much.

I can admit that I listen to it everytime I'm about to hit the road, hop on a plane or just dream about doing so.

Ps. it feels so weird to write about gigs in my hometown!

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