Saturday, October 2, 2010


This part of the blog will be about the beers I've tasted here and are they worth of drinking again. First of all I would like to thank Eugene for introducing me to the good beer (not the Finnish ones) last spring. Without him I would still be stuck with cider, which is not a positive thing in Holland due to the limited selection. Secondly I have to thank Janne for being part of our little beer tasting club, there are many good days to come. If anyone else wants to join, just holler.

The BTC was officially opened with a Belgian beer Piraat. It is a pale ale made by Van Steenberge brewery. It contains 10.5% alcohol, is hoppy and is described as "powerful" with "lots of subtle flavors." (Wikipedia) And powerful it was that even a tall guy like Janne felt it in his head. Piraat looks blond, but tastes brown. I had mine in a plastic measure cup, in order to get as much as foam as possible, but for my disappointment the foam disappeared quite quickly and started to taste like old plastic. Verdict: "The plastic ruined everything, maybe if I have time, I will taste it again."

btc opening with janne

Second beer of the evening was also Belgian called La Chouffe from Brasserie d'Achouffe, a brewery based in a small town called Achouffe. It's a blond beer containing 8% of alcohol. It has a bitter taste in it, which makes it suitable for dining, so for just enjoying it didn't impress me that much. The appearance though is very nice (one reason being that someone predicted a bad omen because of the elf).

la chouffe

Third and last beer of the night is "surprise surprise" Belgian too and from the same brewery as the previous one. This beer is called Mc Chouffe. It is a Scotch ale, which is a name given to a strong pale ale. A brown beer having 8,5% of alcohol made its way of being the best of the night. Sweet,but not too sweet and having also a picture of a cute Scottish elf makes it a splendid drink for relaxing discussion moments.

mc chouffe

Until the next BTC meeting!