Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I miss 'cause I liked it when I was out there


Not words, not even pictures can describe our west coast Ireland tour. But pictures and Ode To My Family by The Cranberries (the bus driver was playing Irish songs and this was one of them) can take you somewhat close to the feeling the green countryside and the blue Atlantic Ocean gave me.

This is one of my favorites songs of The Cranberries, but only this week I watched the video. It's simple, but beautiful, so please watch it and tell what you think. If you like the song, play it again while having a look at the pictures.

 Why didn't I lay on the grass? The only perfect spot and time was at our lunch place, but I was enjoying my seafood soup too much. I'm sure there will be a next time.

Still haven't figured out though why I picked Ireland on the 5th grade. Maybe because green is my favorite color and the country is so green. Maybe.

And hey compared to the day earlier, the weather was perfect and the bus wasn't full! Lucky us.

Lucky to have experienced this.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Slowly starting to like it


Waking up really early was a pain in the ass, but even more was to rush to the bus stop and be supposedly late for our day tour. Why does the bus always move slowly and traffic lights turn red, when you're in a hurry? Luckily we saw a bunch of people waiting for the tour bus, but then at some point they were hopping on another bus, and we got really worried. Fortunately there were a couple of American girls going on the same tour with us, who had been waiting since 7.30, so no way could we have missed the bus then. But it had been an hour of waiting already, so we called the agency; apparently the bus had already gone. We got so mad and wondered how that could have happened. It was also a very windy and rainy day. Feeling cold we went to Burger King, and Dorothy remembered the sentence "Loads of time for breakfast" in the brochure, which we understood now. 

After Burger King we decided to go to the tourist information and complain like the Irish woman in the super market. In the end there was a completely good reason, why things ended the way they did. Apparently, it was the same company giving those tours with just two totally different brochures. The brochure from which we booked didn’t have the company’s name, only the phone number. As a result the tourist information threw all the bad brochures and called some other offices to do the same. Well, day tour booked for the next day, and all we could hope that it would be a nicer weather, and now it was a good time to visit more museums. Perhaps also see Obama.

We headed to the Writers’ Museum, and on the way we saw the Garden of Remembrance, which was dedicated to those who gave their lives for the Irish freedom. 

In the Writers’ Museum, I didn’t realize how many famous writers come from Ireland. Well, the city was named a UNESCO City of Literature last year July.

Since it was going to be our last full day in Dublin we had to visit the Guinness Storehouse. It took a while to walk there, and it took a while to go the whole place through. 7 floors and a lot of facts. I prefer the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam; it was more interactive. Though I really liked the Gravity Bar, where we had a 360 degree view of Dublin, while enjoying a pint of that black beauty. The view was so beautiful that you could see some people tearing up when they looked at it. It also took a while to drink it, since I really hated the bitter after taste of it, but now slowly I’m starting to like it. Same thing happened with Heineken.  

guinness muffin

Also Obama was shown live on TV, and he was doing the same thing as us at the very moment.

5-6 hours with Guinness and we still had a chance to see him. I did see his car passing by, and took a video of it and a couple of videos before it, but for some reason, the video where he is can’t be open.

People are crazy about him over there, because his great great great grandfather comes from Ireland.