Friday, May 20, 2011

Eindhoven + Foo Crystal Castles Fighters


2 months and school should be done over here. Why oh why does time have to fly so fast :( And why of why does Wikipedia say that Eindhoven can be in the future the 5th most dangerous city in Europe? Well, that I just had to go and explore! Alone.

Didn't have much time before Liverpool's important match against Tottenham started at five. So, I used that time to visit the Van Abbemuseum, which took an hour for me to find, because I took a wrong turn. The museum wasn't that interesting in the beginning, but when I found more floors in the building, everything started to fall in place.

a guy sewing his mouth

"i asked the assistants for yellow paint, then forgot what to do with it"

After that I had to search for a sports bar, which the centre was full of! Now I understood the high crime rate. But the bar tenders told me to go an Irish pub in order to see the Premiere League. Liverpool lost, it was a bad game, so this weekend hopefully they will win and Tottenham lose. The pub though had a signed Liverpool jersey.

I still had some time before I had to meet Andrea for the gig. Walked around the centre and visited outside the PSV stadium, which is so close to the train station!

"He who wants freedom, must give it others."

Finally it was time go to the Effenaar for the gig. Queens of the Stone Age had been playing there the day earlier ÜÜÜÜÜ.

But now it was time for British/Spanish indiespanishfolkelectrorockpop group Crystal Fighters to perform. Before that though was Benelux a quite cool funky Dutch group. I didn't take much/good pictures, I was too busy jumping. I didn't want to listen to the Crystal Fighters at first, because the name reminded me too much of Crystal Castles (and a friend just added the Foo in front, hehe good one Tipu) but I'm glad I did! A lovely debut album they released. The songs' stories and the band's name comes from one band member's insane grandfather's written opera. Nice.

Just can say that I enjoyed it very much, and hope to see them again, even though the gig had to be paused when "I Love London" was about to start due to audio problems. But all in all kick-ass gig!

When I got back home I noticed people posting on their Facebook that Finland had won the world championship in ice-hockey. I had a feeling about it, but still USKOMATONTA (=UNBELIEVABLE)! Second gold after 16 years, and I'm in a country, in which people don't play hockey on ice.

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