Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't feel that


The weekend was off to a great start with a couple of big news and relaxing b-day party of Eme. And it was to get even better, as we were travelling to IRELAND! Why so serious? I mean happy. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Ten years ago I made a presentation about Ireland, don't know why I picked that country, but when I was looking at the pictures of the greener than green countryside it had become my dream to go there. And watching Once and PS. I love you the need of going there became even bigger.

In my to-do-list we have:

1. Lay on the grass in the countryside of Ireland.
2. Travel by train around India.
3. Listen to Scar Tissue and rest of the Californication album in a convertible across the Californian desert.

Well, I can already say that I haven't had the chance to cross any of those by now. Some of you might think why not the first one, when I went there, but more of that later.

So, good mood to get even better, not even the NS (Dutch trains) being delayed bothered me. But as they say from high above the only way is down. Thank you RyanAir for delaying our flight with almost 4 hours. Wasting our afternoon in Dublin. I've always wanted to hang out at Eindhoven's airport. I planned to check in as soon as we got bored of the otherside, so seeing something new would give hope. Still, I could have slept longer and eaten all the food in the fridge. Some hippie started to laugh at me when she heard that and told me not to feel that way. What can I do when two of the most important things are taken from me. Sigh.

non-EU people checking in

As we finally got into the plane and arrived in Dublin airport, I completely had forgotten that it's a rainy country, they drive on the opposite lane and they speak also Irish. But the rain didn't bother me, just wanted to be like Rocky when he runs up the stairs, that was the feeling I had; at last I made it. I wrote in my early entries that until end of 2011 I would have visited 20 countries all in all, and what better way to do that than visiting Ireland. √Čire.

We took the double-decker to our hostel, never been in one before, but unfortunately couldn't go up due to our luggage. It was kind annoying that you have to pay the exact fare for the ticket.

It was quite late when we got to our hostel, and chilly outside, but we had to have dinner. There weren't any Irish places open at that time, so we went to an Indian restaurant called Surma (in Finnish first-degree murder). They had excellent food, and looking at the check, you didn't have to pay for water. DOUGH! I'm already so used to paying for water and small bottles in The Netherlands, that I forgot it's not the case in every country. Well, next time. After that we headed back to our hostel for a good night sleep eagerly waiting for the next day.

The most annoying faucet system yet.

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