Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm lovin it!


I asked an Irish exchange student what's the typical Irish food; she wasn't really sure, except for the Irish breakfast that people tend to have in a pub on Sundays. That's what we planned to have after our hostel breakfast. We were supposed to go to this one famous place to have the breakfast but they were serving lunch by the time we got there. We asked one woman if she knew any places where they serve Irish breakfast. She answered: “There are loads of them.” I guess it’s like asking someone where a coffee shop in Amsterdam is.

It wasn’t the complete breakfast, but sure filled us up. The freshly pressed apple juice was such a disappointment, or maybe ever since I had a glass (or few) of Linda’s mom’s apple juice straight from their garden, nothing has tasted better. 

We walked to the centre, which was only 20min from our hostel, but a lot for my Hong Kong and Macau travel companions ;P. Our museum tour started with the Leprechaun Museum, which was opened only last year. The tour guide Bobby? was gezellig. Just loved his messy orange hair. Did you know that it was the Americans, who gave the leprechaun its commercial look? Now you know. 

the real clothes

I meant to watch the Leprechaun movie before travelling, but now I’m thinking would it ruin the whole experience? You tell me.

As we walked the lovely streets of Dublin, we noticed the metal pointy thingy, don’t remember what’s its official name, but apparently local people like to call it the “erection in the intersection”.

We managed to book a day tour to the west coast of the country for the next day, and were excited for that. Though, we still had some time to visit a museum, before most of them close at five. I remember Troy mentioning something about James Joyce, so I wanted to visit the center. Can’t wait to borrow his books in Finnish.

the door in ulysses

 After that we headed to the famous touristic spot, Temple Bar. Just to find the Hard Rock Café. I like to collect the shirts, though I only had one from Warsaw’s café. Then I started to wonder, why I do that. Hmm, you can never have enough white shirts with a yellow/brown spot and a different city’s name on them?

Having two breakfasts and skipping lunch, we looked for a place where they serve traditional Irish food. Apparently, stews are very famous. And good. 

As we had to wake up early the next morning for our day tour, we went back to our hostel for a good night sleep. All I can say is I was lovin’ it. 

preparing for obama

Oh yeah one more thing! We grabbed some food for our bus trip from this super market, and while waiting in line, you could hear this woman yelling at the worker about how the workers don’t care about Irish people, that she pays 2 grand for college blah blah *swear word* blah blah hairy chest doesn’t make you a man *swear word*. And that went on for at least a few minutes. Then at some point I actually saw the woman with the loud voice. I spotted a leprechaun!

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