Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

They say a picture says more than a thousand words. Who can honestly write that much of one picture? Of course it is possible, but you would have to write a lot of nonsense. Subjective nonsense. We will never be able to pursue the world as it truly is; we are blinded from the objective reality by our personal experiences, culture and present state. And blurred vision of all the time we've spent playing Farmville and Mafia Wars (you know who you are).

Speaking of reality, how can you know if everything truly exists, that it's not a dream or anything? For a reality check, people usually pinch or hit each other. So, pain is the answer. Pain is what you get when you do all of your assignments on the last week. Pain is what it causes your wrists when writing your assignments and additionally chatting about the weather in Finland. Pain is repetitive strain injury.

Therefore here is a 23000+ word essay of October 24th just to keep the pain continuing ie. knowing that all this is real.

Part I Kermis


the sky is being torn

first time on the ferris wheel
the prison in the middle. the prisoners had fun watching other people have fun
the plan was to win this..

but i forgot that i hadn't played floorball for a while
"let's go here, it will be so much fun!"
or not
50 m high
beautiful view and jordan screaming how that all was my fault
we had to be up there for a while, since someone down had puked
had still all the blood in my head the next day
time for serious investments
they were worth it
britt's face tells everything (good thing we didn't eat before the ride)
good pasta, but italian food is not my thing

Part II BredaPhoto
An annual internatonal photo festival. Some of the pictures were in the Chassé Park, which reminds me of Lutakko in Jyväskylä. The park looks so empty and boring without the pictures now.

it was easy to notice something finnish

It was a fun day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Something gezellig, something random

Time flies. Especially after you've turned 18. If someone wishes to disagree, you can always check the last texts I've written. My poor two readers are still stuck in August, when it's already November. By the way I will be turning 21 in a month and I will have the chance to go on a boat cruise, without a supervisor. Of course then we will not be winning cruise tickets anymore. Call on me.

Because of the clock running faster than me, I will be writing more about what has happened lately and at some point also of the first days here. You will probably get confused of the dates and people I write about, but no worries you will get to learn more about them perhaps on Christmas or the Christmas after it.

Anyways let's start our story with the 23rd of October, a Saturday. It is raining cats and dogs. Did I really use that cheesy saying we learnt in our English class? Well, it hadn't rained like that for a long time during a weekend (note during a weekend), so I didn't sleep that well, because it felt like someone was shooting with a machine gun at my window in the roof. I usually like it when it rains during my sleep, but with Rambo around, it is terrible. So the rain seemed to never stop and I felt good since I could just relax in my room  with a perfect excuse to watch 30 Rock and Grey's Anatomy and listen to rainy day music.

Rainy day music according to me. Rainy day music according to Jordan.

Then Jordan started to message me on both Facebook and Skype, probably it's an American way to overuse the social online media. He invited me to join him, Jolien and Troy for dinner at a Dutch restaurant called De Borenstampott, which serves three course meals for 7,5€ and all I can do is look outside at the rain. I really didn't feel like getting wet, but I still try to do what my friend adviced me to as much as I can; don't stay in your room, if someone invites you somewhere. Besides, I didn't have food in the fridge anymore.

Off I went and luckily it didn't rain that bad as I rode my bike to the centre. As I entered the restaurant gezellig (=cosy) popped into my mind. It is one of the first words I learnt last spring, but only know I remembered to use it.

troy, jolien and the gezellig restaurant

There were so many options to choose from, but for starters it was obvious for me to pick pea soup, since I missed it so much. As main course I took mashed potatoes with meat stew and vegetables. I didn't expect it to come red and as a big portion, but as my father taught me when I was little that you have to eat every single rice. So I was able to finish the food, even though I could have been rolled out of the place. I wanted to finish the others' food, since I don't like food being thrown away, but now I had to give up. However, there is always room for dessert, which was home made pudding. All in all the dinner was lekker (=delicious) and place supernice, which meant that I found the perfect place to bring people coming from Finland to.

pea soup

you know what this is. unfortunately there is no picture of the pudding, due to it disappearing somewhere so fast

 After that we headed to Albert Heijn to do some groceries. As few moments earlier I explained how I needed to get myself a Toy Story toy from the toy store, by chance I noticed that if you buy stuff for 15€, you get one. Of course I forced everyone to combine their groceries together, so that I could have it. But for my disappointment that campaign started on the next week. Pff.

Then we headed to Janne's place with Jolien to make some plans for the autumn break. The idea of having a list of random cities and picking one randomly had been in our thoughts for a while, so now was the time to do the first part of it. Before that we came up with a million euro idea (euro is stronger than dollar), which cannot be revealed, but you'll know more about it when the movie comes in 2018.

soon to be millionaires


or here?

Having planned something for the autumn break and Troy joining us, we went bowling. It is pretty cool that you can bowl after 11 pm here. Jolien being a great buddy, she offered extremely tasty oliebollens to her buddies as we went through the carneval on our way to the bowling alley.

Bowling was again a lot of fun as always. They called me grandma, because of my unique style; slow-moving, but effective. Sometimes.

turn the volume up to hear the comments.

Until next year!