Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

They say a picture says more than a thousand words. Who can honestly write that much of one picture? Of course it is possible, but you would have to write a lot of nonsense. Subjective nonsense. We will never be able to pursue the world as it truly is; we are blinded from the objective reality by our personal experiences, culture and present state. And blurred vision of all the time we've spent playing Farmville and Mafia Wars (you know who you are).

Speaking of reality, how can you know if everything truly exists, that it's not a dream or anything? For a reality check, people usually pinch or hit each other. So, pain is the answer. Pain is what you get when you do all of your assignments on the last week. Pain is what it causes your wrists when writing your assignments and additionally chatting about the weather in Finland. Pain is repetitive strain injury.

Therefore here is a 23000+ word essay of October 24th just to keep the pain continuing ie. knowing that all this is real.

Part I Kermis


the sky is being torn

first time on the ferris wheel
the prison in the middle. the prisoners had fun watching other people have fun
the plan was to win this..

but i forgot that i hadn't played floorball for a while
"let's go here, it will be so much fun!"
or not
50 m high
beautiful view and jordan screaming how that all was my fault
we had to be up there for a while, since someone down had puked
had still all the blood in my head the next day
time for serious investments
they were worth it
britt's face tells everything (good thing we didn't eat before the ride)
good pasta, but italian food is not my thing

Part II BredaPhoto
An annual internatonal photo festival. Some of the pictures were in the Chassé Park, which reminds me of Lutakko in Jyväskylä. The park looks so empty and boring without the pictures now.

it was easy to notice something finnish

It was a fun day.

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