Friday, February 24, 2012

päk aken

It's funny that after spending a year in The Netherlands, I left with one luggage. Now after spending half a year in London, I left with two. During my exchange year I didn't visit home at all, I didn't even want to. But London made me want to go home for a while, only after two months. We were talking about this with Maria, and wondering if it was about the person or the place. Probably both.

But one thing I'm sure of... I'm happy to be back! Here are some reasons;

1. No more dealing with noisy kids.
2. I can have pork and beer in the fridge again.
3. Fresh air and nature. It's not even cold, as I'm wearing the same clothes I wore in London, and yet I'm sweating.

4. It's affordable to keep the houses warm.
5. Thick walls, so you don't need to listen to your neighbors' life stories.
6. Being surrounded by people, who understand social awkwardness. Or actually not being surrounded by people at all.
7. Bye stressed, miserable Londoners. Hello depressed Finns.
8.Home food. Though I will miss the foreign beers, which one of them, the best English beer, I took with me to enjoy here.

9. Just in time for some Finnish winter delicacies.

9. Clean water and proper mixers.

and finland
10. No need for an adapter to charge anything.

And most importantly, I get to be with my family. Especially my nephew Nate, who I finally got to meet and spend time with!

first time holding him

already a head banger

watching our first liverpool game

And for my surprise I found this from the cupboard:

It seems that everywhere I go, there's a piece of Breda waiting for me.

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