Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins @O2 Academy Brixton, London


Back to what happened last year in November, after my visit to Finland (A Surprise Visit). In London again with the busy life; from the airport home, quick dinner and then to Brixton to see a gig.

When I saw the scene in the picture above, the first thought was that if the world ended, it would start from Canary Wharf.

Luckily the world didn't end yet, so I got to see the legedary Pumpkins! Or nowadays the Billy Corgan show. Of course everyone would love to see the original line-up, but no way will that be happening. And honestly, who even likes the new songs?

Not saying that it wasn't a joy to witness great musical talent for a couple of hours, but there was a waiting atmosphere amongst the fans. Waiting to hear the good old stuff.

Fans were delighted at the end, as one hit after another was played. However they felt quite sped up, as if maestro Billy was just trying to get rid of the 'compulsory fan pleasing moment'. Can't complain though..because apprently they didn't play any hit songs at some gigs a few years ago.

But it certainly was an amazing feeling to hear 'Tonight, Tonight', the song, which I heard on MTV a thousand times when I was six. Also hearing 'Cherub Rock' was ace.

Billy was quite a joker too, saying things like; 'We're a great band, we're from America. The Beatles are from America. The Rolling Stones are. Coldplay is from Indiana.' And that's when someone throws a water bottle to the stage almost hitting the bassist. Did they not like Coldplay or were they lacking humor?

The whole experience made me wish it was sixteen years ago. I would have loved to be going crazy in the crowd then. But high five for seeing Billy!

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