Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friends @XOYO, London

February 8th, 2012

Only a handful of people know this, and the majority of them found out about it last Wednesday... The main reason why I extended my London stay was so I could see the band, which I think has brought hope to the music scene. Yes, you got it right by looking at the title. I'm talking about sdneirF.

I thought it would be great to have my London experience ending with great music. It didn't really matter that I knew the lyrics to only a few songs, as I tried my best to sing-a-long/jump around/drum the fence to the rest of the songs, which I have never heard of before, since the album isn't out yet. Though I can't wait to have it shipped to Finland.

In their song 'Feelin' Dank', they sing when you smile at people, and they're smiling back- that's basically how it was throughout the whole evening. From the beginning of the performance until the bouncers asked everyone to leave the place.

Smiles, when singer Samantha danced several times in the crowd. Smiles, when people were trying to catch blueberries with their mouths. Smiles, when fans got their shirts signed and pictures taken with the band members.

 My friend made a very funny comment; 'The other girl didn't really look that happy, more like annoyed. But in a good way!'. Haha, yeah every band has to have the 'cool kid'.

Lately, I've realized that meeting musicians isn't necessarily worth it. Some of them might turn out to be idiots, and then you're not interested in their music anymore. So, I have to admit that I was a bit scared to go talk to them after the gig.
However, if I ever had to lecture about fan engagement, the perfect example to use would most certainly be Friends. Before I managed to even open my mouth, one of them approached me and went; 'Hey you! Do you want a VIP for life, do you want a tambourine, drumstick, a shirt? Tell me what you want, and I'll get it for you! I'm Matthew by the way, what's your name?'.

I was like 'what the..', but also at the same time I was thinking if this was the moment that I could just ask everything I wanted. Hehe. But instead of having my set list signed with blueberries, I got a drumstick and a shirt. That was just brilliant, since I was running out of clean shirts.

The most amazing thing, though, was that he actually made the effort in finding what I asked for. Usually, in these kinds of situations, they tend to disappear. I'm still amazed, big thanks to Matthew! Such a nice guy, and so were the others. When I wanted to thank them for the gig, one of them was just pointing at me, the other high-fiving, and another one saying 'you must be our biggest fan'. There wasn't really any other way than replying 'I am your biggest fan'. ;)

I promised the next time I'm at their gig, I will be in the front row with the drumstick I just got, ready to invade the stage and bang the shit out of everything. Perhaps that might happen in Stockholm this spring. But I hope they make it this year to Finland too. The perfect festival for them would definitely be Flow, so if you guys are reading this, please have a look. I'd love to see you there.

Ps. A former colleague of mine, Jamie, interviewd the band during a Clash photoshoot. He also says they're really nice. It will be in next month's issue, look out for it!

Pictures by me, Domingo and Gionni (thanks guys had a blast!).

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