Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red N Pink @Underbelly of Hoxton Square

February 4th, 2012

My last weeks in London have been packed with gigs, and all of them have been/are anticipated. Especially London's own Red N Pink, as their genre is more or less outside my music taste's comfort zone, but can't help to find their songs damn catchy. This time going to a gig was part of my job; it was really interesting to enjoy and observe a show from a different perspective. Too bad though the set was short and that they didn't play the song, which made me love their music in the first place.

It was extremely hard to take photos of them, since they were moving all the time. Also, the lighting was annoying; one of them had always so much light in her face and the other not at all. Luckily there wasn't any problems with the sound.

Here's anyways a great tune, which they did play.

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