Saturday, February 18, 2012

Franco and the Dreadnought @Nambucca, London

February 13th, 2012

It didn't really feel like the last day at The Farm. Perhaps I was missing beer, but still for 5½ months I always was thinking that the first day was just yesterday.

There's no doubt that I learned a lot during my stay, and I could leave richer with experience and knowledge. Though, some facts I've come to realize has made me think that the music scene is losing hope and musicians can be complete stupidos. However getting results and discovering artists, who could change that way of thinking, made the struggle of just and just not exploding worth while.

I was exhausted of the life in London that I couldn't wait to get back home. However, I will miss the relaxed atmosphere and great bosses and colleagues. I will especially miss the dissing between all of us.

The work day didn't end at 6pm that evening, as I had to head off to see one of our artists, Manchester-based Franco and the Dreadnought performing. Franco (real name John) will also be my thesis subject, when I'll basically be studying social media in a way that we could get him some more recognition and fans. We had quite a good brainstorming session with him and The Farm's American intern, Beth, who just tasted her first Mars bar.

It's good to see that he's one of those musicians, who comes up with good ideas and is very enthusiastic. He's also a good songwriter and guitar player, which I witnessed at the venue. The music was so calming and relaxing, and with the lights dimmed and candles burning, I fell asleep just for a second. In a good way though.

Drinks with him and his girlfriend was a perfect way to getting to know each other better. They're so easy-going and nice people.

Now when I'm reflecting this whole experience, I'm feeling a bit more motivated to do some hard work. But let me watch some Desperate Housewives first.

Ps. Franco is performing at The Purple Turtle in Camden next Thursday at 8.30, so I hope all of my London friends could make it!

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