Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gossip from The Farm


First intern day at The Animal Farm, they produce + write songs, manage artists, publish music, bang the drums, what wouldn't they do?

located at the biscuit factory

My job is to take care of a piglet called Linda.

 And it is challenging. Like taking this lift.

that's why we always take the stairs now. to not have fluffy butts.

 I didn't really have time to be nervous of the first day, since searching for a home took all my concentration. But all in all the day went fine; chill office (sofas), chill staff. Also the parking lot is full of teenagers waiting for some famous artists to walk by. But not Noel Gallagher.

Though a head-banging laptop problem; the wi-fi doesn't work on my laptop at the office.

And whatmore! They force us to listen to great music. How can I last?

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