Saturday, September 10, 2011

London calling, Speak the slang now


When I went to Holland it took me about 3 weeks to start writing my blog. So I thought that I would be updating my blog almost immediately after something interesting has happened now that I've come to London.

But no.

Searching for Wi-Fi and then searching for a home and coming home a bit tired made it impossible. But now it's the weekend, and when we look at the bright side, I've been here only just a bit over a week. Not that behind we are! Try to say that previous sentence with a Yoda voice.

Anyways, a lot has happened, emotional rollercoasters so on so on. Let's get back to the first day, otherwise my next entries won't make any sense. As if they would anyhow.

Last time I talked about a new friend, who smelled lovely. Well, her name is Samantha. Or Sammy, Sam.. I just call her The Duck. But lately I've noticed that I've been calling her with her real name, I guess somekind of bonding has happened. When you meet her the first time you don't call her Sam, you also call her The Duck or "What the hell is that".

And why does she smell good?

got a little bit carried away

The seller came to tell us that buying one of those Escadas, you can have an expensive bag for free. That was the most polite kick out ever.

sam got a bit swollen during take-off

After landing in London (btw my first time in England, not counting Heathrow Airport) we took the train to London Bridge, where David, a friend I met in Breda (last time saw in January but felt like yesterday)came to pick us up and took us to Maria and others' house. We thought we could have bought our ticket in the train, and would have been fined for not having one, but the guard just kindly gave a warning.

"lindaa take a pic of my 1st time in the train!"

 And of course first expectation of London right on; pavements, grey sky and busy people.

I was really excited to see even more Breda people, but even more excited of the sushi evening waiting for us! The German wanted to make sushi for his b-day, so big thanks to him!

All in all a lovely evening, except for the fact that one of my favorite Liverpool players, Meireles, transferred to Chelsea -.- UGH

don't worry ma i'm fine!

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