Wednesday, August 31, 2011

De laatste doei

I haven't really concluded my exchange year, but now I'm going to do it somehow since I'm on my way to somewhere else. Though there are yet stories worth telling, but more of them at some point.

Anyways, de laatste doei, meaning the last bye. Why this? Well because during the last days I got so tired of saying constantly bye to others. Now some might think that I'm mean, but no others felt the same too. Maybe I should have gone earlier, or maybe it was good that I got kind of tired and was ready to leave back home.

When I was writing my exchange report, they asked for 6 practical tips for people going to Breda. Here's one of mine; don't trust your fellow student's information about school.

As weeks passed by in Finland, I started to miss Breda and everyone again. On the other hand I feel that a longer stay in Finland would have been better. But a sushi dinner is waiting and I must go. And oh, did I mention that I'm literally on my way to somewhere else?

Blogging up in the air. Perhaps I should take that as a motto, to get as high as I can in whatever I do. The good thing in not being in Holland is to be not misunderstood.

I've also got a new friend already, she smells lovely, more of her later on. But now a little video of the old useless friends.

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