Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Second part of my Dordrecht trilogy brings me to the local music venue Bibelot. There I had the chance to experience an event similar to Sencity, a club event for the hard-of-hearing and hearing people, but now for the mentally disabled.

 SENS11 was created, when one of the organizers noticed how the mentally disabled like to move when they hear music, especially drum n' base, and how there wasn't any events for them. I was wondering what "sens eleven" meant, but apparently you have to pronounce in Dutch, which would be "sen self". And it made more sense.

Like in Sencity, they had everything for each sense; a vibrating dancefloor (I prefer the wooden one, on which you can feel the base better, though this one looks much better), a masseur, hair dressers, snacks, aroma jockeys, colorful visuals and music, which made the visitors jump around. Seeing the target group dance put a smile on everyone's face, since they were truly sincerely enjoying themselves.

Everyone got to draw on shirts to take home, train to be a DJ with a professional, but my very favorite was this thing called "personal treatment".

It felt like I was drugged. In this case it was good though.

I feel lucky to have met the friendly and incredible staff consisting of volunteers, and to see some of the production process. Thanks to them for arranging a memorable event! So, if you ever have the chance to visit this event, do it!

Lucky also to catch the last train, which I like in Holland that there are still trains going quite late. But what I don't like is the constant track repairment always somewhere; first time travelling alone by train and immediately having to figure out the connections in the middle of nowhere. And finding Bibelot! A quick look at home at Google Maps and trying to remember it later on. Just walk forward and you'll end up there sooner or later, that philosophy has worked well so far.

A day full of learning and enjoyment. LIKE.

In the next and last part of my Dordrecht trilogy ->

Until then, Nobody Beats The Drum!

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