Friday, August 19, 2011

Oceansize @ Bibelot, Dordrecht


Last part of the Dordrecht trilogy brings us back to Bibelot to see one of my favorite bands Oceansize. This time I went to the city with Janne, and we decided to have a look at it before the gig. The weather was perfect, when we first went to the biggest market in Holland to have fries and freshly squeezed sour orange juice.

Having the biggest market, they also had the longest shopping street. Kind of strange that the not so big and quite despized city has those records for itself. Though the shopping street was a disappointment, since many business spaces were empty. But the bar sits outside were lively and buildings beautiful.

We walked around a lot and came across with many interesting things.

it stood on 1 leg for 15s, and put it down when i took a pic

As the evening came, we headed to Bibelot to wait for the doors to open. There this one guy noticed we were talking Finnish, and he started to talk it to us as well. He travelled all the way from Brussels (it isn't that far actually) to see the British indie progressive rock band.

finnish eurovision winners lordi!

I bought the band shirt, which became the famous pubic hair shirt for some. They didn't have size S at all, I guess they assumed that only big men go to their gigs. Another surprise was waiting for me, when I went to get a beer.

The music started with warm-up band The Vessels, nice instrumental music from them that I bought their album.

Second warm-up band Rhinoa was more of a hard core progressive punk. The thing, which caught my eye (and ears) was the passionate gut screaming singing style of the singer.

Finally it was time for the band, I am lucky to have seen, since they broke up last winter :( First row, of course, though it was quite loud in the front and you couldn't hear the singing that well. But I did get the set list, and also lyrics for one of the songs, on which the singer had spilt a bit of red wine, also on my bag. Doesn't matter though.

Here's also a video from the gig filmed by someone in the back. In the end you can see me in the left corner filming myself with bad audio.

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