Tuesday, August 2, 2011


During the weekend we got to know that Finland has these teams in its 2014 World Cup qualification group; Georgia, Belarus umm oh yes France and Spain. My dad said for sure they will be eliminated again, but at least we have interesting games now. Last year we had an interesting game, that was against my host country Holland, and me and Henna along with my Dutch exchange student Jurrien went to watch it in Rotterdam September 7th.

litti-peukku=litmanen thumb

I'm not a fan of Rotterdam, but being there for the first time was amazing with the "skyscrapers" when I got used to the typical Dutch buildings. The reason why the city looks the different is because it was demolished completely during the second world war, and now they wanted to rebuilt it into a modern look.

harbor city

The Dutch won 2-1 only with one goal, which was a penalty, and everyone says that Finland deserved to win. We sat amongst the Dutch fans, and they just laughed at us when we went crazy as Finland scored.

ei omaan maaliin=not into our own goal

an italian fan of finland harrassing henna

Big dislikes were that Dirk Kuyt one of my favorite Liverpool players got injured a day before the match, and before that Liverpool legend Sami Hyypiä got his first red card ever on the previous match. And Finnish legend Jari Litmanen, who many Dutch love (he played in the Dutch league in the 90's) didn't even get to play.
 How unlucky I was.

kuyt :(
 Likes on the other hand were that I went to my first big football match, I saw Wesley Sneijder and legendary Ruud van Nistelroy. And Dutch class was cancelled for the evening, so I didn't miss a lesson already on my first week of school. Also the Finns were much louder throughout the whole game.

took a white towel, since i didn't have anything else

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