Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Bike Trips

I've used the bike only for a couple of times here in Finland, and I can say that it is scary and annoying to bike out there. Why do people let children run how ever they want to on the streets?

I miss riding an old bike on the Dutch streets; no hills, no people, but at least it's safer to leave your bikes on the sreets over here! Well anyways here are some pictures from our random bike trips with Janne last autumn.


For the first week we didn't do anything except for being at home, visiting school occasionally and partying in the centre. It got depressing, since it felt like that's what Breda was only about; I needed to go explore the city better to find something new. So with Janne we decided to just bike around with no destination.

but before that some food in ikea..

..with my fat mates!

evil head

Seeing many new sides of Breda really cheered me up. And this was also the trip during which me and Janne made the deal of starting our beer tasting club.


Hot as a summer day, we headed off to another unknown destination with our bikes. By the way the Dutch like to give names to their bikes. I didn't do that, but Janne's bike was called Gloria.

This time our trip took around 5 hours, and during those hours we found a forest(!!!), accidentally entered another city, admired the country side and had deep conversations.

didn't do it, cause there was water waiting :(

i learned that swans have only one partner, so i believed this to be a widow

preparing for halloween?


marathon in breda

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