Friday, July 15, 2011

Half of my life


Today it all ended. That is to say my journey with the worldwide phenomenon Harry Potter. I was 11 when the first movie came, and now 21 when the second part of the last movie. My generation has grown up with Harry and his friends; from elementary to university.

With the books you had people lining up in front of the book stores in costumes hours before the stores opened in the morning. And Finns ordering them in English, because they couldn't wait for them to be translated. At first I didn't even care for the books, due to the ugly book covers, but the buzz became bigger around me. I actually won the first book in our local library's competition.

I went to see the first movie with my brother, so it was a must for him to come see the last one with me today. It's also become a tradition for him to buy me the DVD as a birthday or Christmas gift for the past decade. I wonder what will he think of now.

After seeing the movie I felt sad, but yet haven't understood completely that it has ended. One girl stayed in the theatre crying with her shades on, that's how I wanted to be. There's no new movie to wait for anymore. No opening tune to hear. And I'm sure that I won't get to say that I've spent half of my life with something again.

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