Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodbye my lover,goodbye my friend,you have.. JUST KIDDING!

Judit, my dear fat mate went back home yesterday, so it's time to catch up with the happenings of the last couple of days.

On Thursday we finally climbed the church tower (Jazz thought that we'd litereally climb it). Breda's Grote Kerk has been a landmark for us since the beginning of our stay; always when you see the church you're not lost anymore. Felt a bit strange to go inside this "map" of ours. It was tough to go up the stairs, but the view of seeing whole Breda was worth it.

I never realized how beautiful Breda can look from up there; the houses were just amazing. It was a good idea to leave this experience for the end of our exchange period. Now I'll always remember Breda as one of the pretty gezellig cities there are to be. Those who haven't visited the tower yet, do it!

After that we grabbed some Italian food and witnessed like four civil weddings during our lunch.

As it got dark, we were ready to go party for the last time with Judit. We first met all in the park; Judit told everyone that she'd be there around 11, but she thought that no one would come there since no one replied her Facebook message. But half an hour later someone called to ask where she was. OF COURSE PEOPLE WANT TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU! aih stupido.

But of course everyone naturally thought that she was Spanishly late.

Thursday is the party day over here, and that usually includes De Boulevard and then the Speeltuin. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't hear more of dubstep in Boule, but the Speel had pretty good music now. I saw so many familiar faces that it felt like autumn again.

When I left the Speel, my fear came true; Judit crying on the street. It was deja vu, because same thing happened in December. I was certain that it wouldn't happen again, but there she was just outside the Speel crying AGAIN! They were crying with Jara, and when they started hugging me, I had no choice but to cry too. And then laugh. But they cried for 1½ hour, and I'm not exaggerating at all. Sometimes it was hard to see whether Judit was really drunk or crying, she kind of looks the same in both cases.

It took over an hour to say goodbye to everyone, so it was past five when we got to Jara's place, where we stayed for the night. We talked about how the people here are more than friends; they're family. And we felt that this is not the end, only the beginning of something really awesome. Living with Judit for almost 11 months has created a special bond with her. The year was full of laughters, fights, pranks, silent treatments and so on. She even said "Sometimes I hated you, but I had to think it's Jaleh". Awww! Sometimes I wanted to kill you

In the morning Judit tried to teach Jara some Finnish, which was kind of funny; a Spanish to another Spanish. Three of us and Maria went to Jumbo to get something for lunch, and well the chocolate cake was goed! This time it was hard to see whether Judit was sad or just hungoverd. She kind of looks the same in both cases.

bolita                                             jalita

Then the dreaded moment came; saying goodbye at the train station. It seriously felt like only yesterday that I sent Judit a message saying that hopefully we'd get along, because one year is a long period! And now it felt as if the year hasn't even started and already we had to see her train leave. Also me not crying for ages the previous night showed itself now. Well that's what happens when you concentrate on eating your fries, and looking at the drama queens cry their hearts out, you do it yourself later. lol X

But en serio!! Who's gonna clean our kitchen now, who's gonna be in the living room with her laptop and eating a glass full of cereals in the morning when I wake up, who's gonna say we should clean, who's gonna help me with technical stuff, who's gonna be the clumsy one? WHOO?!

Jazz said that as if we had broken up or something, because I was listening to sad James Blunt songs and looking at pictures. Hahahaha :D Well, what do you expect from 11 months of being fat mates, school mates, and almost team and work mates.

What I'm trying to say is that Judit I love you, you're a sister to me, miss you, gonna see you again, don't know where, but soon for sure! And don't worry I will eat your food. EEEEGSS?! Dankjewel. Alsjeblieft. Adeu bitch you!

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