Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At a video production course during this spring we had to make a documentary. We pitched topics from life of a deaf person to the end of the world. Due to a reason or another they didn't work out. Then David came up with the idea of marijuana. It felt like something that was possible to work with, so we found our talents and locations (even went to Eindhoven to film).

It was a long rocky pre-production and production phase, and naturally there were some hairy moments with exporting the final product on tape. But as always we managed to pull out a good grade in the end.

catering; david

vox pop

pictures by sound person amalie

The 5- minute documentary has almost a 100 views on YouTube and we're surprised and glad for all the good feedback we've gotten. There are also comments of it being idiocracy and propaganda, which is great since now we know that it has provoked some kind of feelings, even though negative ones, than nothing at all.

The documentary does not reach a conclusion, because if there had been one, it would be either for marijuana or against it. And we are not the people to define it. We wanted to show the general point of view of the subject and opinions of different people. Our goal is to have people think about it from many angles and form opinion of their own.

A big thanks to everyone who helped us. Enjoy and skip to 27seconds if you don't want to see and listen to the color bars.


  1. What grade did you get? I think there were some really beautiful shots. I like that you also interviewed some Dutch people, but maybe you could have interviewed some Dutch students too. Also, Jordan and those two girls (?) aren't really introduced. It's nice to give them a name. But overall I like it! Good job! And why do you have Dutch subtitles? Was that a requirement? If so, that's stupid it's an international school.

  2. thanks for your feedback! we got a 7,5, i think that the final product could have been a bit better e.g. forgetting to put the room tone in the audio track and the protagonist intro could have flown a bit better, but i believe that preproduction and paper work lowered the grade. yeah with the whole vox pop we decided not to have any introduction. and yes the subtitles were a requirement, i guess because the best documentaries were showed on brabant tv, but we submitted this late, so we don't know if it could have had the chance to be shown on tv.