Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Supper


As most of the fat mates were leaving this weekend we had to have a last dinner all together. It's only the second one though, but still some quality time, before each of us go our own way. The Chinese were responsible for cooking, and a lekker dinner they made. This time luckily we didn't buy whole a lot of food, like 10 different packs of Easter cookies.

After that we went to the park to enjoy the night and the Walkabout (which we didn't enjoy that much, because it was so full). I guess before this we've never ridden our bikes together with the five of us, and people were surprised to see the Chinese in a bar after February or so. So surprised and excited like kids seeing Santa Claus.

All we talked about was the crazy stuff that had happened in our house and to each other.

What happens in our gezellig cottage, stays in our gezellig cottage.

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