Monday, June 27, 2011

Ponies in Wonderland


So, Britt threw a "ponies in wonderland" themed birthday party at her place, which was pretty awesome. Cool decorations, good food and drinks. What more could I have asked for; a child-liked birthday party with beer! And yes those who dressed up looked really nice. Shame I didn't have my whole warderobe with me, so I tried to be somewhat of an "emo pony". Or, actually just put my scarf as a tail and Oceansize shirt on, which Britt loves so much, because it looks like a pubic hair shirt to her. Someone's got wild imagination. But hey someone started to talk to me in Speeltuin later that evening, because of the shirt! He liked Oceansize too, and told me the band had split, which I didn't know. How shocking, but glad that I got to see them last autumn. Anyways here are some pics and videos from the evening.

b-day hero so excited, so excited

*group picture!*

oh look the 4th time i've seen maria in speeltuin during the whole year!

soo alone

cheer up emo kid

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