Friday, June 17, 2011


The other night, while coming back from Paris by bus, I watched the last episode of Six Feet Under. Thinking it's the second last episode. Luckily I had enough battery in my laptop to see the most amazing last moments of any series finale.

Six Feet Under lasted for five seasons from 2001-2005. Many says it's one of the best series on TV and it has the best finale ever. Couldn't agree more.

I'm glad that I didn't watch the show, when it was shown on Finnish TV. I think I wouldn't have understood all the life lessons it gave as much as I do now. Like Alan Ball, the creator of the show and writer of American Beauty says; "Before you realize your own mortality, you can't start to live".

We watched the pilot during a class and were supposed to analyze a few episodes. Some of us went all the way until the end, and some hated it. All I can say that during these few months, 63 hours of my life are well spent. It gave me much more than just a pass from the course; it gave a different way to look at things. Less regrets and more of a "go for it" attitude.

Just me writing about a series and letting you read tells a lot about the impact the show made on me.

I don't know if it's because there are some things I can relate to in the show, or that the Fishers remind my family so much, but I'm certain that there is something that Six Feet Under can offer to everyone.

Now, there's been a lot of talk about the show even after 10 years of its premiere, and people around us are getting curious about it, GOOD! But don't only be curious, watch it. You'll miss a lot, if you don't. Trust me.

I'm not going to tell anything about the plot or put trailers, I think it's always best to see something without any clue about it. But here's my favorite quote:

"You're not a chicken that I can choose, which part I love the most"
- Ruth


  1. nice text Jaleh, you know that I really like that serie like you, best end ever :)

    PD: I don't understand finnish :D

  2. hahah thank you!! i have some clues who you might be, but not sure :D