Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bon Iver Bon Iver

I wanted to write somewhat of an album review of (in my opinion) the most anticipated album of 2011, a day before its release date, but I noticed that it was released already today in the UK and Europe. America gets to enjoy it tomorrow. Or actually all of us have gotten the chance to enjoy it for a few days now, since you can stream it online. Don't know how long it will be possible, but don't wait too long!

Click the link and dive into planet Melancholia;
bon iver - bon iver

the new album cover

The whole Bon Iver (a play from French phrase "good winter") project, started when front man Justin Vernon was dealing with a disease and break-ups with his band and girlfriend. So he decided to go to his father's cabin and be alone somewhere were was cold. There he composed a major part of the absolutely BJU-TI-FUL debut "For Emma, Forever Ago", released in 2008, which is personally one of my favorite albums. Here's a song from it;

Fans of Bon Iver have been waiting for a long time for the new album, and actually I had thoughts of that not happening, which in a way was fine. Some artists/bands are better off with releasing only one or two albums, and I only mean good with this. I'd rather not have my favorite bands putting out 5 albums of poor music after 2 brilliant albums.

However, last spring for our delightment and surprise they announced they'd be releasing new music this summer. And that the music would take a new direction with some more instruments added. To be honest that worried me, but so did the newest Iron & Wine, and I learned to love that!

The first single released "Calgary" didn't disappoint me at all. And what best I wasn't in love with the song right immediately, which is a good sign of not getting bored easily- it grows on you.

"hip, under nothing
propped up by your other one, face ‘way from the sun
just have to keep a dialogue
teach our bodies: haunt the cause
I was only trying to spell a loss"

When I started listening to the album, I streamed it 3 times in a row, while studying. Clearly you can hear this "new direction" they were talking about. Horns, drums, synth.. Especially the last song "Beth/Rest" reminds me of an 80's romantic drama soundtrack. And "Towers" gives you a feeling of being somewhere in a field with a straw hat (these might not be positive things though). Also somehow you have this Kanye West vibe in it too, perhaps the collaboration between them has influenced a bit.

I felt that the self-titled sophomore had a lot of potential (songs Perth and Minnesota, WI = amazing), but now today when I listened to it, while reading the lyrics I don't know if it was the feeling of disappointment or optimism for the album to grow on me. It's hard to say now, but what can you do when you love the feeling of the debut, and now there's another kind of feeling being offered? Or actually, a feeling I need to figure out yet.

There's one feeling I know, and that's frustration of not being able to get a ticket for all Bon Iver's sold out UK gigs!

Any other Bon Iver fans wanting to share their opinions?

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