Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There goes our buddy!


I started my day with a Compass Brunch at the Inspire, which was absolutely lekker! Surprise surprise that I was the one who ate the most I guess. Even Martin was explaining to others how unbelievable it is for a tiny person to devour so much and not have it show (what can I say my brains consume a lot of energy). Well, once my Finnish school mate said; "I know I shouldn't ask this from a girl, but do you feel like you've gain weight here in Holland?" Yes, but I'm not the only one; all exchange students go through this process. Horrible, but it's been a delicious ride.

where's jallu?

After that we met Jolien and the others in the park to hang out with her before she left for an internship to Arizona. Sleeping, playing cards with Maria and her friends and not listening to a thing what others say was a good way to relax. Just kidding. Naah, but seriously Jolien you were a great buddy tutor to me, Janne and Troy. Thanks for those fun trips around your tiny country, and for helping out with everything especially giving feedback for my assignments, cooking yummy Dutch food and making me watch the Superbowl for the first time ever, which was awesome!

someone has good cards

awesome idea jolien

 It was quite funny for her to ask me how I was doing, and I just thought haven't we been talking everyday now for the past week. But aah yes, we were only talking about my writing assignments :D I perhaps do regret a bit that I didn't go see an Ajax game with you when I had the chance, especially when Suarez was still playing there. Also, that me and Maria never visited your home village and live the Dutch life. I hope though that you and Anneke would really travel around the Nordic countries next year, and I'd see you guys again! Gonna miss you, and wish you all the best. And remember to send an invitation for yours and Jari's wedding.

don't let that smile ever fade, eh!
Later in the evening we went to play some pool, and clearly I hadn't played for a long time. I think I was hitting the air more often than the balls. I relied a lot on Felix to win for us, but that plan didn't work either.

The night wasn't over yet, since we still had to check out Dependance for live music. That was fun.

What I noticed during the day is that we've started to ask people who come for a visit what they think about Holland, like it was our home country. And then we make them eat fries with mayo. Also quite often Spanish people talk in their own language, even though there are non-Spanish around, but when their friends from Spain come they say; "No no you have to speak English. You can improve your English now."

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