Monday, August 15, 2011

"Everywhere is illogical, here it's just the most."


That's what Troy said to me, when I explained him my adventures of finding the train station. Basically, I had to buy myself a discount card at the station, and I wasn't completely sure how to get there from school. I took a short cut, and later found myself in a place, which looked like the country side with a lot of fields. Of course I didn't have the map either, so I tried to just bike forward and find a sign pointing to the center. Luckily I did after 20 min (which is a lot of minutes back there), but in the end I just found myself from the place I started from.

Once again I left school, and almost took another short cut, but turned back to the "main road", and finally found the station. Tired, sweaty I went to the service desk. They gave me papers to fill and asked me to move to the side, because of the long line. Then I realized the papers were in Dutch. PFF. I managed to fill most of the parts, but one was a bit tricky, and apparently that was for the bank account number. A Dutch one, which I didn't have yet. I was told that you have to have one in order to get the train discount card.

Being in the middle of nowhere and doing paperwork in a foreign language just to realize how annoying the system can be abroad. There you need a bank account for many things, in some cases so they could take money from you if you forget to cancel your order or something. I'm used to paying for something once and that's it. Less annoying.

Since I wasn't able to get the discount card, me and Troy had to pay full price (3 persons can travel with the discount with you) to get to see the famous windmills. Kinderdijk, one of my favorite places in Holland, and the weather was perfect! We saw how it was inside a windmill (recommend) and took a short boat trip (better to rent a bike).

protected by unesco

this is how they kept themselves warm back then

                                                       yes troy farah likes to photoshop

We had no clue, which direction we were supposed to walk to the bus stop, but as usual you have to just go forward. On the way a man stopped us for a long conversation about Christianity and how he prefers to use "The Netherlands" instead of "Holland". According to him the first means more of humble people and the latter hollow. Nice lad, he gave us pretty windmill cards. The houses we passed by had nice views of the windmills, must be fun to live there, probably in a windmill too.

When you meet new people and you have those silent moments, it's most of the time really awkward. But with Troy it wasn't, that's why I think he was the perfect travel mate for that trip. And he took some mighty great photos with and old camera, including my longtime blog picture (sorry forgot to credit that, was just too excited to have it here). Cheers!

We decided to have a look at Dordrecht the city, where we had to take the train. Only for a while, and I already liked  the city! It still is one of my favorite cities in Holland, even though the Dutc like to joke that the closer you are to Dordrecht the worst, or something. And by accident I noticed that Oceansize was going to play a gig there!

while waiting for the bus to dordrecht

Back in Breda the red hair weekend (gingers' gathering) was starting with a movie in the park. The movie Perfume was baaad. And it was cold and they had to start the movie 3 times due to technical problems. Dont' watch it.

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