Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top 5 Songs of the Erasmus

These are the songs, which were part of making my exchange year in Holland special;

5. The Dutchies love to sing-a-long to this and play air instruments. Some hated those moments, some loved it. Everytime I hear it, I think of them. The only difference is that I voluntarily start to play it.

4. Thanks to my dear Italian flat mate Alice, I got to know that a crazy little thing called "happy melancholia" existed. This song and video makes you want to travel. And to pursue that exact feeling and settle for it.

3. This is what I sang, when Maria's boyfriend Felix left back to Germany back in December. And since then it had been the song to sing everytime someone was leaving (together with "My Heart Will Go On"). This summer Judit revealed that she was actually scared that Maria would have started to cry in the edit suite. LOL.

2. A robbery, shooting and frightened woman= me and Judit's theme song. Especially the "OMG, OMG, MG" part. Warning this might get stuck in your head many hours, days, months...

And NUMERO UNO, the song, which without Holland wouldn't have been the same is..

..the song, which made everyone glad that they don't study hotel management.

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