Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Isle is Full of Noises


While browsing through the Domino Records Facebook page I noticed a post of a Franz Ferdinand music typed puppet show, which would have the guitarist of the band actually playing music at the show. Of course I had to get a ticket!

I was lucky to get one, and when I asked my boss if I could leave earlier in order to purchase it on time, he just went: "A puppet show?". And you could imagine the confused face.

The show was at Wilton's Music Hall, 'the world's oldest, surviving Grand Music Hall and London's best kept secret'. That combined with a renowned German puppeteer Philipp Plessman, indie great guitarist Nick McCarthy and stunning visual art by Hank Schmidt in der Beek, you get the most entertaining puppet show ever!

a double bike lane. vau.

The story and show is described as follows: " On stage, the solo performer brings the characters to life as fantasies, projections and schizophrenic dialogues of an isolated man in the maelstrom of society. Evoking a sense of solitude and remoteness, the man flees into the void of dreams. This space becomes an island where his fantasies come to life. Not a puppet show in the traditional sense, it features no marionettes, rather you can see the puppeteer on stage playing parts and interacting on stage with the puppets."

Sounds like my cup of tea. But in reality after reading that you still didn't know what to expect, or at least expect anything like that. Which is Philipp having so many puppet characters in his hands and fingers, doing all the characters with different accents. Amazing! Honestly, I thought it would be done in an English accent, and I was worried I wouldn't understand anything, but he spoke a lot in German accent. That I understood! And all the scheisses in the world.

I thought I would have my eyes on Nick all the time, but Philipp was so good and was grabbing your attention all the time. But with all the wall projections, dialogue and music (inspired by 70's musicals and The Flight of the Concords etc.) it was a +10 combination. Okey actually a 10, because it took really long for the interval to begin, so I could go to the toilet.

Basically, it was so entertaining, that you would have had to see it yourself to fully understand see how bloody brilliant it was.

Unfortunately pictures weren't allowed during the show, so I tried to take video without anyone noticing. I have one with Philipp talking with the puppets, but for some reason it was really blurry. So here's just a small clip of a music scene.

And here's one of the songs, which ended up being on the 3rd album of Franz Ferdinand.

took me a while to have the courage to ask for a pic

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