Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Personal Treatment

It should be kind of obvious to most of you that listening to music and discovering the new and old is something that I can't live without. Friends come and go, family far away, but music it stays.

It's my personal treatment, the non-irritant Dr. Phil. And it's about time to share more audio/visual treats for you all.

Let's start with a few of my favorite artists, who have released something new in August.

I've mentioned already many times how I adore Anna Calvi and the way she plays the guitar. Well in 'Baby It's You', B-side single to 'Suzanne and I' (my favorite song of her debut album), her talented playing just pierces straight to my brain.

Baby It's You by Anna Calvi

Florence + The Machine. pff. I can *pff* either in good or bad. And pff my oh my. I've been waiting for a long time now for her to release new music, and what happens is that I don't even listen to the song 'What The Water Gave Me', because I concentrate too much on the video. The video isn't that special, just footage in the studio and some bits of her outside. But the way it was filmed, showing all the emotions Florence is able to transmit from the song in front of the camera. The song has a dark start, but after halfway through the song starts to build up into something I would listen to preparing for a sports match or whatever challenge.

And yes now I have the song often on repeat, it grew on me, or actually it still grows. I also really hope to see her before I leave London.

Of course I'm going to leave the most melancholic song for the end. But this time it's the video, which I ask you to pay close attention too. It bursts of 'happy melancholia'. It screams 'freedom'.

I give you the second single 'Holocene' from Bon Iver's second album.

Now who wants to go to Iceland with me?


  1. let's do it! haha i actually thought that you would mention something about gossip