Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day

The last day of April and the first of May are considered to be the most joyful days in the Finnish society, in my opinion. That's simply based on the amount of people being seen on the streets all of the sudden after a cold, dark winter. Though it still is cold on those days, we have our ways in keeping ourselves warm.

Here are some tips;

Wear a warm hat.

If you're a student, put on your degree program's overalls and gather a team to participate in your own town's Amazing Race competition. If you're really lucky, you might as well climb a high mountain and realize you're in the wrong place.

Move to a warmer country and do what they do.

orange army in amsterdam by l. lundberg

Put on your high school graduation hat to remind yourself that you have indeed accomplished something in your life. Remember to eat munkki (Finnish doughnut) and drink sima (mead drink,everything always sounds delicious in English) in a park.

This year zero %, and now when I think about it, it seems that it's every second year! Yet had a fun one, though it felt a bit strange to be running into old school mates who are asking why I am here, when I should be living somewhere abroad. Then I ran into my beer tasting buddy Janne, who seemed sincerely shocked in bumping into me during the night. Now, seriously what are the odds in that happening in one of our favorite indie bars in a small city during the busiest time of the year?

It was really pleasant to see a top Finnish artist Olavi Uusivirta playing for a huge crowd for free. He's such a charismatic and good performer!

This year's May Day was also spent with my mom at a Chinese buffet. I don't remember when was the last time we spent May Day together!

And last but not least, here's why my May Day became mayday.

Like Shaggy would say; "It wasn't me!"

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