Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Feature: Lower Dens

Dream-rock. Psychedelic-rock. Put-your-kids-to-bed-rock. What else could the Baltimore quintet Lower Dens be described as?

Just to clarify the third description; one music writer told that the band's sophomore album Nootropics, released April 30th, is his three-year-old daughter's favorite record. She cries every time the music is changed.

Talk about a prodigy of hipsterism.

Lower Dens, according to themselves are dark nerds of sweat and books with the interest on endurance tests. Musically, in my opinion, they have this repetitive beat in their songs accompanied by Jana Hunter's "I don't know what she is singing about" yet hypnotizing vocals. I can imagine some finding the music to be numbing, but it definitely has got me hooked. I start playing the air drums and get an adrenaline rush, when ever the tempo speeds up or a Muse-ish choir type of moment comes.

Yes Yes Yes.

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