Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Feature: Grimes

Sometimes what seems like a 'meeh' at first, can become a 'I can't believe I almost let this slip out of my hands' craze.

This is what happened with my green overalls. And Grimes.

24-year-old Claire Boucher's music wasn't memorable, when I first heard of it. Yet a couple of months later I ended up checking it from my 'to be listened again' list. I'm very happy I chose to do so, as I've gotten more proof that there's something to rejoice about in today's music scene.

Despite of her age, Grimes has already managed to produce and release three albums (also design the album covers), of which the latest 'Visions' is the most easily accessible. This time focusing on the lyrics, even though making them as vague as possible for people not to realize what they are about, she's succeeded in providing an emotional roller coaster with hard-hitting poppy beats. It makes you press repeat over and over again and try to figure out the mystery behind the angelic baby voice, while jamming to the melodies at the same time.

According to one research, Montreal is the indie city of North America. I believe it now.

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