Monday, January 31, 2011

Going back to the start

Have you seen 500 days of Summer? If not, then you should, because it simply is a good movie. It does not have a normal chronological order; it bounces from a day to another back and forth. Basically, that's what I'm going to do now. I'll take you back to the first days, over 5 months ago. Hope this won't mess up your brains, but some things need to be explained at some point. Even though I probably have forgotten a lot, and will try to remember something by looking at pictures and diving deep into my memories. But not too deep.

August, 25th. Second day in Breda and waking up in an unsual way. The expression killing two birds with one stone was something what I wanted to do. The landlady's pet roosters were singing and so no more sleep for the one who loves to sleep. However I can't entirely blame the "hope to be dinner" for not sleeping long. I was anxious to go explore the city with my flat mates on an agreed time. But the Italian Alice didn't wake up, so I wondered are we even going. It turned out that she only overslept. The first tought was that that's normal for her, when in fact she is pretty much on time, but often attends lectures when there aren't any and the opposite. Luckily I wasn't the only one waiting for her to wake up, Judit the Spanish (or Catalan like they insist in saying, but end up saying Spanish anyways) started to wash the dishes. The impression of her being "the cleaner" is more or less right on. And her pyjamas being really loose.

After Alice woke up we were ready to hit the centre. Rebecca, our German flat mate decided to stay at home, since she had already been in Breda for a few days and seen the centre. Walking there was really pleasant and the neighborhood and weather beautiful. We met Alice's Italian friends Valentina and Francesca and then went to get ourselves bikes. At first I didn't want to buy lights for my bike, because I'm not used to having them, but here you get a fine of 30-80€ if the police catches you. Lights, please! Also, later on I noticed that Breda isn't really a city of light like my hometown is, so important they are.

shall not be named

When all of us got our bikes, we went home to have pasta made by the Italians. Really tasty and simple. Before coming here, I didn't know anything else simple to do, except for fried potatoes and instant noodles.

With full tummies we hit the centre again. The streets looked really pretty, but the most striking landmark is the church. Nothing beats that. It was 5-7PM and the shops were already closing, but we managed to get our prepaids, after which we explored a couple of pubs. Relaxing times. We expected for the last flat mate Nuria (also from Catalan) to be at home when we arrived, but she was having dinner somewhere else with her parents. I only heard her voice, when I was between dream world and reality. That's how it felt for the first days/weeks. Being confused, not knowing what is real and what not.

rebecca got a punch in her face

But a true fact is that I waited for so long to have stroopwaffels again and when I had them, I couldn't eat them anymore, without feeling sick. Pity.

If you felt confused reading this, you can go back to the second entry of my blog written sometime pff ago. And I always think a song gives more meaning about my emotions, so just click on the video below and you'll know.


  1. Linkki kertoo ettei Sony entertaiment halua antaa oikeuksia katsoa videota maassani. Hmph. Mikä kappale? Tsekkaan spotifystä.
    T: Kira

  2. MGMT- Time to pretend! Sit laitoin aika huonon linkin, jos Suomessa ei sitä voi kattoo.