Monday, June 4, 2012

Wild Beasts @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

November 24th, 2011

Sometimes the best way to realize a band's true talent is by going to their live shows. English Wild Beasts sound great on record, and they look even greater playing music. Their way in working their instruments and singing is something everyone needs to witness.

In my opinion a sign of a successful live show is when you start loving songs, which you before hadn't. In this case I can honestly say that the band's whole third album finally opened to me. Actually it wasn't about loving, but more of understanding. That record is a difficult one compared to the two others.

So basically all we needed was perfect acoustics, lighting and London's most beautiful venue to get me all smothered by musical enlightment.

I remember it was Thanksgiving Day that day,and naturally I was thankful for being able to see Wild Beasts play (and Zola Jesus the day earlier). Also, next to me were these Spanish and Italian guys, who I'm glad to have met -> good reason to go to gigs alone.

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