Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday Feature: Chairlift

When I last winter discovered the Brooklyn- based now duo Chairlift, I immediately told my friend to check them out. The only comment she gave to me (besides her liking their music) is you seem to really like this 80s stuff.

There's been some kind of disgust towards what that decade had to offer; synth-driven tunes weren't really my cup of tea and big hair made everything worse. However, my time listening to depressing, angry guitar music in a dark room has come to its limit.

And that's when cheery bubbly synth pop acts as a getaway.

Although the lyrics can be for example about revenge and guilt, the danceable melodies make you ignore the seriousness of the song's topic. Chairlift is a perfect example of this.

Just imagine yourself dancing like the kids from The Breakfast Club, while singing I'm gonna hunt you down. I'm gonna run you down.

It's all fun.

  Also, which clearly will be one of my top videos of 2012, is the band's interactive video for "Met Before". By using the arrows of your keyboard you can choose, which direction the story goes. My story ended with the singer dying of bee stings. Click here to see how your story ends, and share it with everyone in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

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