Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Feature: James Blake

James Blake here, James Blake there. James Blake on BBC Sound of 2011, James Blake everywhere.

And how surprising was it for me to ignore the hype until it was too late. Too late I mean to realize that the music is AH-mazing and that the gig was just a few days earlier. Gutted.

This 24-year-old Londoner's interests are burritos, houmous and laptops. Also dropping the base real low, while singing like Stevie Wonder. Apparently it's called RnB dubstep. Not all songs are like that though, sometimes I think of James Blake as the male version of Lykke Li with the gentle way of singing, which my sister-in-law describes as missing your breakfast and being forced into the studio to sing. (Note that her music taste is questionable).

You really just need to listen to his songs to get the point, and what better time would it be than cold and dark autumn days. So don't expect to be all energized and happy, unless you also have discovered a new musical crush.

Ps. use headphones.

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