Monday, October 8, 2012

Count Me in to the Cottage Weekend

August 24th-26th, 2012

It was funny how exactly two years ago I was starting an incredible adventure abroad, and now I was spending the weekend with some of the people who made that experience special. Janne my beer buddy and one of the Spanish exchange students Laura arranged a really relaxing and fun cottage weekend basically in the middle of Finnish nowhere.

All what was needed was good company, food and beer. And a wine tasting session.

"hello i'm janne's girlfriend"


The middle-aged people in the neighboring cottage were arguing during the night, calling each other names and the next morning two huge taxis came to pick some people up. But only a few left, so apparently their egos were too big for normal-sized taxis. And they say that young people don't behave well...

Best moment I guess was when we were on the dock just watching the night sky full of stars. Those kind of peaceful moments are hard to get, but we were lucky enough that time.

cool pictures takes by laura

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