Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amateurs on Ice

As the weather is getting colder and everything seems to be freezing slowly, I thought it would be good to continue The London Stories. In other words nothing special is happening at the moment that I need to dig into the archives of my life.

Last November me and some of my friends hit the ice rink surrounded by beautiful Christmas trees. You know like in the movies (real life) situated in New York. It's funny how you get more excited of an everyday thing abroad than in your own country. Or maybe they should just put up festive lights and have music in the background to motivate me here. Aah but yes, the natural ice doesn't really freeze properly until January, plus the thermometer shows about -30 C.

So no need to say that it was great to skate with my rain coat on! And absolutely necessary with my helmet.

When I was about to enter the rink the overseer asked me with a surprised look on her face whether I was going to use the helmet. No, I'm just going to be throwing it at people.

The reason for her dumb question though was justified as I was the only one protecting their head. Another thing what surprised me was when I remembered being one of the worst skaters at our class I really didn't have to relive those moments there. People on ice for the first time was amusing, but life threatening! Imagine a scenario of you wearing out the ice, doing your thing, and all of the sudden someone jumps on you like a lion squeezing like an anaconda! And all you want is to yell "Geez if you're falling, you don't have to take me with you!".

Those are the amateurs on ice.

pictures by the nice for a dutch person esther

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