Saturday, October 13, 2012

Flash Bang Band @ Suvizza, Espoo

September 29th, 2012

One cold summer day I received an email from this British band called Flash Bang Band who wanted to play some gigs in Finland and needed a local person to help them out. I honestly had no clue about the music scene in Helsinki and around, so the only knowledge I was able to share was contacting some newspapers and blogs. I did though think the story behind their journey was interesting enough to be printed out on paper. I mean how often do you hear British rockers travelling all the way to Finland just to pick up some reindeer meat so that their local Nordic bar would be able to serve their most popular dish? Not to mention that their Finnish punk legend Pelle Miljoona's friends too.

Anyways some weeks later at work one co-worker started talking to me because of my The Doors shirt, and from there we had a long conversation about music. Apparently he played in a band and I happened to mention something about the Brits. One thing lead to another, and suddenly I found myself going to a local pub to see this band. It was as local as local can get. Five minute walk from our house, a place which I would normally never visit, but there I was. Of course being warned first of how crazy the area can be during nights with all the drunks.

Luckily the only crazy thing was the lads' performance. Got to love their musical skills and the DIY attitude! Not too many bands are able to come up with good promotional ideas and actually execute them. Then the shirts... pure love. It's also the first time I've got two shirts from the same band.

All thanks to my Doors shirt.

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